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Energy Vampire Protection Techniques 🧛 | Lisa Campion
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Ever had one of those days when you interact with someone, and suddenly you feel drained, a bit low, or just off? You might’ve just had a run-in with an energy vampire.

Energy vampires aren’t your classic scary movie villains; they’re everyday people we all know. They’re the friend who always complains yet never takes your advice, the coworker who can’t find a silver lining if it was shining right at them, or that person who just can’t resist a juicy bit of gossip.

These individuals, often without realizing, have an energy that feels heavy, and it can be tough being around them. Their vibes can take over a room, turning a good day sideways.

Now, it’s good to remember that many of these energy vampires might be dealing with their own issues. They’re not necessarily “bad” people, just people with a lot on their plate, and sometimes, it spills over.

But here’s the good part! You can learn to protect your energy and keep shining bright. If you’ve already read my book Protect Your Light, you already have a toolkit of practical processes you can use to do so.

In her book Energy Healing for Empaths, Lisa Campion goes into greater depth on energy vampires specifically, talking about the different types, and offers guidance on setting clear boundaries and protecting your energy from them.

Specifically, in this episode you’ll learn:

  • The three types of energy vampires and how to spot them
  • Basic energy management skills to keep your energy strong and robust
  • Practical ways to protect your time, energy, and money from an energy vampire
  • What to do if you’re an energy vampire
  • And how to diagnose a spiritual issue—not all energy vampires are people!

Click here to listen to the episode and learn how to protect against energy vampires. 

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