Is it Ego or Divine Guidance?
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On the way to taking action towards your goals, desires, and Life Purpose, it’s only natural to find yourself in the crossroads of opposing choices. If you’re like me, rather than making lists of pros and cons you want to follow your inner guidance, and choose what God or the Universe would want you to do.

But how can you be certain that the guidance you receive comes from Source and not from your ego?

Ego vs. Divine Self

The ego is the aspect of you that believes you are separate from God. If you are separate from God then you are all alone, and your decisions should be taken from a solely rational perspective. In other words, your ego is rooted in fear, and its guidance will always come from an unknowing, fearful place.

On the other hand, your Divine Self is the part of you that knows you are a physical extension of God. It knows that you are interconnected to God’s infinite source of wisdom, and you can extract Divine guidance whenever you need to. From this perspective, Divine guidance always comes from a place of love and knowing.

Ego Doubts. Your Divine Self Knows

Usually, understanding the distinction between Ego and Divine Self is all that it takes to discern between ego and Divine guidance. Yet, the ego has many tricks up its sleeve and it can go to a great extent to perplex your feelings and doubt your judgment. Therefore, to make things harder for your ego and simpler for you, consider this:

If it’s Divine Guidance, you’ve already followed it.

The ego doubts and the Divine Self knows, and when you know something you no longer wonder, make pros and cons lists, or ask for other people’s opinions. You simply take action. Haven’t you found yourself in situations where you took action that seemed irrational to others, but made perfect sense to you for no reason other than just an inner knowing?

This is what Divine guidance always feels like. When you are divinely guided you are fully aligned with the Source that lies within you, and you draw from the pool of infinite wisdom that you have access to, to make the right choices. When you are aligned to your Source you never ask, you simply know. It’s as simple as that.

How to Cultivate your Divine Self

That being said, the key to following your Divine guidance at all times is to cultivate the presence of your Divine Self. This task calls for having a daily spiritual practice, therefore, commiting to a time and place to consciously practice being in alignment with your Source. Your spiritual practice may be as long or as short as you’d like it to be, but what’s most important is that you practice it consistently.

I’ve always said that spirituality is like a muscle. The longer you practice it, the stronger it gets. Therefore, the longer you keep to your spiritual practice the stronger your alignment to your Divine Self will be.

Without further delays, use the following framework to set up your spiritual practice and share it with me in the comments below:

  1. Choose one activity that helps you find alignment with your Source, where alignment is determined by a feeling of love and happiness. Examples could be, meditation, yoga, nature walks, writing, singing, praying etc.
  2. Decide on a time during your day when you can practice this activity without any interruptions.
  3. Commit on practicing this activity daily, by adding it to your calendar. Written commitment is a proven technique for overcoming procrastination and following through.

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