How to Eat Your Way to Success
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Within the past five years I gave up meat, milk, alcohol, smoking, and, since a month ago, sugar. When people ask me why, I tell them that all of the above make me feel heavy and lethargic…

I’m usually faced with blank stares and lots of question marks.

In my desire to better understand my radical diet changes and explain them to others, and myself, I couldn’t help but wonder (my Carrie Bradshaw moment): What is it about all these foods and substances that drains me? Is there a logical explanation behind this, or am I a victim of yet another cultural trend?

I’ve always believed that every body is unique, and responds to different foods in different ways – so that meat energizes some, and depresses others. Yet, I had an itch that there was something bigger and deeper behind this simplistic explanation.

Life-force energy

Every part of nature, including humans, contain life-force energy. Life-force is a form of spiritual energy that fosters our alignment with God or Source. The earth is innately connected to Source, and is therefore a powerful portal of life-force energy. In this respect, the closer something is to the earth, and the more direct its connection to it, the more life-force energy it has access to. This is why you always feel better after you go for a walk in the park.

From this perspective, the more direct the connection of our food is to nature, the higher its life-force energy. Just as the biomass decreases as you move up the food pyramid, so does life-force energy. Therefore, fruits, pulses, and vegetables have an ample supply of life-force, whereas meat, bread, and all animal products have less life-force energy. Moreover, the more processed the food is, the less life-force energy it contains, as it gets depleted when you alter its original state.

As a result, the more high life-force foods you consume, the easier it will be to maintain your alignment to Source, and the more low life-force foods you eat, the harder it will be to maintain your alignment. When I refer to alignment, I refer primarily to the feelings of unconditional love, happiness and inspiration, which are synonymous to what Source, God, Spirit, and therefore, to what you really are.

How much alignment do you need?

The higher your desired degree of alignment, the higher the life-force energy you need to maintain it.

The reason most spiritual people choose to become vegetarians, vegans, or adjust their diet in some radical way, is because of the high level of alignment they need to do the work they are guided to do. If your purpose is to inspire others, you have to be at the peak of inspiration. If you are here to teach love and forgiveness, you have to be the source of love and forgiveness.

In other words, to be the light, you have to eat in the light.

Turn knowledge into action

Take a look at your life, your goals, and purpose, and determine how much love, happiness, and inspiration you need to thrive. How much vitality and aliveness do you need in your current job? If you are still unclear of what your purpose is, follow my step-by-step formula to find out.

Once you are clear about what you are here to be and do, start noticing how the food you eat affects your emotions, after you’ve consumed it. Does meat energize you or deplete you? Do you feel better after you have cheese, or worse? And so on.

Commit to quitting one single food that prevents you from functioning at your desired level, and notice how this transforms your energy-levels and performance.

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