Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet, Yet Again…
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Hi, I'm George!

You have a purpose that can help change the world, and I'm here to help you find and follow it. 

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Today is a big day for me, as I finally launch my woo woo shop, which makes working with me SO much easier! (more on this in a bit)

First things first, to celebrate the launch of my shop I’ve discounted all my sessions by 30% until Friday 15th September 11pm UK time.

Now, for the story behind all this…


This is a bit hard for me to talk about as it’s close to home. Literally. 

You may be familiar with my story – growing up in the Christian island of Cyprus, being bullied for being gay, wanting to take my own life, and saving myself by ditching other people’s opinions and learning to love and empower myself.

What I omitted sharing in this story is just how judgmental Cypriot Christians are against New Age spirituality, and ANY other religion or spirituality that’s against their beliefs.

This meant that even after I’d come out of the gay closet and converted to spirituality, I was doing it within a different closet…

The spiritual closet.

To this day, I catch myself withholding information about what I do when I’m back home, in fear of being attacked or persecuted by extreme Christians.

What does this have to do with launching my shop?


Since I launched my spiritual business 3 years ago I labelled myself as a spiritual life coach, thus camouflaging my woo wooness under mainstream spirituality. 

(I mean, have we met? I work with faeries, mermaids, unicorns, and praise the Greek Gods of Olympus. There’s nothing mainstream about me.)

I still thought that labelling myself as a Tarot Reader, Past-Life Therapist or Intuitive, was inferior, bad, even evil…

Subconsciously, my Christian upbringing and strict social programming was still controlling me and keeping me in the closet. 

This all became clear earlier this year when I was invited to speak on national TV in Cyprus, and I just couldn’t come to own my woo wooness.

I kept it mainstream and talked about self-love, mindfulness, and forgiveness. From a PR perspective that was the smart thing to do. From a personal perspective, it felt like betrayal.

Change had to happen. Walls had to fall down. Closets had to be destroyed, yet again. 

My new shop is the outcome of this.

It’s the most authentic representation of who I am as a spiritual teacher and how I want to serve YOU, as of yet.

You’ll see three different services being offered, each of them I’ve practised extensively for 10 years – but previously camouflaged under mainstream terms.

This. Ends. Today

I’m letting my woo woo freak flag fly freely (trying saying this three times!)

All three of these services are geared towards lightworkers like you, who yearn to live a life of purpose and make the world a more loving place. 

Come check them out here.

**Remember: These are discounted by 30% ONLY until Friday 15th September 11pm UK time.

I look forward to working with you.

Endless love,

George x


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