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If there is something 2012 has taught me so far is that I should be more willing to embrace change. My channeling of Archangel Michael has notified me of a “breakthrough” that I was supposed to go through this year, but I’ve never expected such a monumental amount of changes in all areas of my life. Fortunately, I’ve learned of the inevitable part that change plays in our life early on in the year and, although resistant at first, I’ve managed to embrace it.

I finally came to realize that every experience is accompanied by an unavoidable change in the way we perceive our reality which shifts our perspective of life. From the smallest act of petting our dog to the launching of a new relationship, every single experience changes that which we are. Since our universe is based on the Law of Attraction, we tend to attract circumstances, events and relationships that match our worldview, but at the same time provide us with the necessary contrast to challenge us in a way that we can still move on with our never-ending growth.

As a result, there comes that dreading moment when we have to let go of relationships, hobbies and situations that used to be fulfilling aspects of our life, since they now are in vibrational discord with who we have become. Personally, I’ve had a hard time letting go of my past, mainly because I am the kind of person that tends to bond with the aspects of my life and instinctively assign them a place in my heart. Therefore, I’ve had a difficulty relinquishing relationships and routines, afraid that breaking away from them would have a similar effect on my heart.

However, time after time my inability to let go of relationships and routines that no longer match the person I am now, has shown me that prolonging them only keeps me stuck in a pit of negativity and anger that prevents me from seizing opportunities and enjoying my life. I was awakened to the fact that we come into these physical bodies as powerful creators eager to mix and mingle, with the aim of birthing desires, revelling in their manifestation and taking consciousness to what has never been before; and to do so we have to be able to welcome change so that we can effortlessly and joyously fulfill our destiny.

Live more, long less

Despite this understanding I still couldn’t help but wonder: If change is such a natural part of life, what is it that prevents us from seeing it in a positive light? I’ve been struggling with this for quite some time and, when the answer finally flared into my mind everything became vividly clear. When we get used to a situation or a relationship, our ego, which is usually defined by the emotional bond established as a result of that situation/relationship, works against our higher aim of growth to guard and protect our emotional bonds. It does this by amplifying that bond with sentimental thoughts and emotions that prevent us from letting go and moving forward.

Following trial and error, I’ve came up with two simple processes that helped me overcome the ego’s resistance and deal with life’s changing colors in a pleasant and loving way:

  • Love life: Overcoming our ego’s resistance is a tough but possible task that requires first and foremost a strong willpower that feeds on our love for life. When we remind ourselves of the delicious experiences, exhilarating adventures and fascinating people that await us, the human ego subsides and the larger, wiser part of us takes charge and provides us with practical and emotional skills to help us let go. Life is a playground and the amount of fun we have in it depends on our perspective of it. Make it your selfish intent to only see the positive aspects of life and you will be amazed by the exhilarating opportunities and experiences that will come your way.
  • Appreciate the experience:  I found out that appreciating the relationship, hobby or situation for all the joys it has offered me so far, creates a pleasant emotional ground that facilitates a more gentle kind of releasing . This is because appreciation gets us in a high vibrational, positive mode which affirms that we are not really breaking away from our past, but moving forward while keeping the positive memories with us. When we reach this emotional state, we realize that we can never truly let go of anything because the best of it stays with us forever, while we are free to embark on new adventures and fill our heart with even more life.

These two simple processes will help you move through life like a winding river, passing through different worlds at different times and relishing in the fullness of it all for as long as it lasts; and when the time is right you simply let go and move on, revelling in the unexpected and loving every single moment of it all.

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