What Archangel Michael Said About the “End of the World”
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I have decided to do a channeled tarot reading for 2012 mainly as a result of the buzz going on about what will actually happen in 2012, as well as because I always had the feeling that 2012 will be a very special year for humanity. As a result, I decided to channel Archangel Michael who guided me into doing this reading. I was guided to use two of my decks. The first one is the Victorian Romantic tarot deck and the second one is the Angel Therapy oracle cards deck. I drew two cards, one from each deck and the two cards that came up were “The Sun” and “Cancel, Clear, Delete.” Both of the cards are particularly significant, especially the second one that actually portrays Archangel Michael and his message. After channeling his message and reading it again I was impressed by his directedness and detail about what 2012 signifies, as well as the outcome of the changes that 2012 will bring on humanity.

Channeled message

For many people 2012 will be their breakthrough year, or more precisely, the beginning of a breakthrough period for their life-long goals and aspirations. For the past decades the collective consciousness of the people of your planet, have been amassing hundreds of desires. Through the contrast of life, negative experiences and obstacles, people have been launching new desires aiming at the improvement of their life experience. 2012 marks a new era in the history of human kind where more and more of people’s desires will be coming true in a more natural and faster way.

This newfound ability of people to manifest their desires in a shorter time period has nothing to do with any external source of power but is rather an inherent power that every person has and is now discovering in a more vivid and conscious way. Up until now the majority of people in the planet believed in a punitive God, a God that controlled their life and all the specifics of their life, including the government, economics and the “karma” of their life. The majority of the human collective consciousness is unaware of their ability to consciously create their own life, bit by bit, with every detail. One of the dominating feelings in the era that’s now coming to an end has been the feeling of victimization and inadequacy. Humans are feeling victims of the government, the economy, social hierarchies, globalization and, in general, victims of the economic, political and societal arenas. This era is finally coming to an end.

2012 will not be the end of the world but rather the end of the old paradigm and the beginning of a new paradigm. This paradigm is a paradigm based purely on love. In this new paradigm that we are about to enter, more and more people will begin to realize the power of their thoughts and emotions to create life experiences. More and more people will begin to realize that going against the unwanted will not bring them what they desire but will multiply that same situation. People will realize that they are not separate from source energy (God) but are, in reality, a part of it. They will understand that God is like the sun and we are part of the billion of the little flames that make up the sun. In the realization of this, more and more of the people in your planet will come to the realization that God is pure, unconditional, never ending love and that this is their natural way of being. Enlightenment will no longer be the benefit of the few but an experience of the masses.

Of course, 2012 will only be the starting point of this new paradigm that will last for many years to come. Do not expect to see the changes mentioned above manifested throughout a single year, for 2012 is just the breakthrough year; the breaking away from an era of fear into an era of love and self-empowerment.  People who have already been initiated to the knowledge of the new paradigm, in particular the indigo and crystal children as well as the enlightened people of the world’s religions, will find out that 2012 will be particularly beneficial for them. They will find themselves being exceptionally happy more frequently and easily than before and they will be living in their own bubble of pure positive energy, where the time period between desire and manifestation will be extraordinarily short. Those who are unaware of the laws of the universe brought into view by the new paradigm will, at first struggle, but in time enlightenment will excite them and give them a refreshing new start.

The maturity of this new era will be based on a highly advanced world where Law of attraction is the only important law and love is the main skill required for people to create diverse and fabulous lives to include whatever their hearts desire. This world will be purely positive, diversity will be cherished and people will be kind, loving and enjoy their own success as well as other people’s success. Desires will be manifesting in extremely fast ways and humanity will be thriving as never before. “Heaven on earth” will no longer be a slogan but a reality.

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