Become the Happiest Person you Know in 30 Days
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How happy are you from 1 to 10?

If your answer was below 10, then this article is for you. I unequivocally believe that you are meant to be the happiest person you know. The only reason this may not be the case right now, is because your innate happiness is hindered by limiting beliefs and perceptions about what happiness is, and how much of it you deserve.

In this article, I’ll share with you the top two happiness myths that prevent people from experiencing unlimited happiness, and then I’ll guide you through a simple process that will help you become the happiest person you know, in just 30 days.

Happiness myths

Myth #1 – Happiness is pleasure

When most people talk about happiness, what they really refer to is pleasure. Pleasure is a pleasant, yet fleeting, moment-to-moment sensation, which is tied to external factors. We get pleasure from eating, shopping, going on a holiday, watching TV, making love, or spending time with friends. Whereas pleasure can help us get glimpses of true happiness, and can pave the way to experiencing it, it merely is but a fraction of the real deal. Making sense of this distinction, is the most important step to awakening yourself to true, unlimited happiness.

Myth #2 – Happiness is a destination

Perhaps the greatest pitfall to happiness is the belief that it exists somewhere in the future. “I will be happy when I get that job,” “I’ll be happy when I find the perfect boyfriend,” or,” going for a holiday in the Caribbean will make me so happy.” By projecting happiness into the future, we hold ourselves into a self-inflicted prison of unfulfillment, that prevents us from experiencing true happiness.

Conversely, true happiness is found when we stop searching for it, as it already IS us. When we accept that we are born happy, we realize that we were happy all along, and the only reason we haven’t been experiencing it is because we’ve been searching for it in all the wrong places. Consequently, the only way to experience true happiness is to stop searching for it in the future, and start acknowledging it in the present moment.

30 days to Happiest

How do you go about slowing down your quest towards happiness and experiencing it now? In the same way that you programmed yourself into searching for happiness, you can re-program yourself into being happy – consciously, and deliberately.

The ideal time to bring happiness in the present moment is in the morning. Taking the time to consciously bring yourself into a state of happiness before you expose yourself to any worrisome thoughts and experiences, helps you set the tone of your day to a happier one. This will help you build a positive emotional basis, that will guide the way you respond to whatever that day has in store for you.

  1. Get a piece of paper and brainstorm ways you can craft your ideal morning ritual. You can do anything from meditation, listening to music, doing positive affirmations, making a gratitude list, watching funny videos, or exercising.
  2. Choose three activities from your list and dedicate 30 minutes each morning to consciously practicing happiness. Yes, that means waking up earlier in the morning to invest time in your happiness.

Tip: If you catch yourself complaining that you don’t have time for it then I invite you to ask yourself: Do you have time to feel like crap?

It’s time that you own your magnificence, set your priorities straight, and dedicate yourself to experience your full potential.

No excuses. Time to be happy!

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