5 Benefits of Healing Ancestral Trauma
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Have you spent years working to overcome specific phobias or limiting beliefs, but they keep returning?

Have your ancestors ever gone through trauma, oppression, or difficult times?

Do you experience anxiety attacks, fits of rage, hypervigilance, or other PTSD symptoms that don’t occur as a result of your daily experiences?

Ancestral trauma sometimes referred to as intergenerational trauma, is the trauma that is passed down through generations from trauma survivors to their offspring.

People who are going through ancestral trauma can possess psychological and emotional symptoms, phobias, and limiting beliefs that were present in earlier generations, keeping them from living happy lives and pursuing their life goals.


A trauma reaction, such as a fight, flight, freeze, or fawn response, is triggered when someone suffers trauma as their body shifts into survival mode to cope. Their DNA turns on specific genes to support them under pressure. Future generations receive these genes to help them prepare for potential traumatic occurrences if the trauma is left unresolved and the trauma response persists.

In other words, a lot of your chronic anxiety, limiting beliefs, and harmful reactions to stress and other situations in life may be influenced by the beliefs, fears, and traumas that your ancestors went through (not limited to just parents and grandparents).


  1. Know why you behave the way you do: You won’t question your thoughts, feelings, or behaviors anymore. You’ll be able to recognize your trauma responses and let them go when you learn the ancestral links between the way you behave and your ancestors.
  2. Get Rid of Old Fears and Strict BeliefS: Once you have identified that certain “sticky” fears and limiting beliefs are linked to ancestral trauma, you will be able to properly heal them.
  3. Heal PTSD symptoms including hypervigilance, anger, and anxiety: Using cognitive exercises to relieve unfavorable emotional and psychological symptoms, you can heal PTSD symptoms that are connected to your ancestors’ programming.
  4. Heal Your Ancestral Wounds’ Energetic Imprints: Using energy healing techniques and meditations, you can cut the energetic ties tying you to ancestors’ traumas and programming.
  5. Develop New, Optimistic Beliefs That Sustain Your Goals: When you move on from the hurts, scars, and trauma, you will be able to ow energy seeds of new, empowering ideas that will enable you to pursue and realize your purpose.

Healing your ancestral trauma can help you stop a cycle of trauma that impacts many people and aid in the healing of your ancestors, future generations, as well as yourself.

Isn’t it time for you to discover yourself and fulfill your purpose without the weight of your trauma holding you back?

 If you’re ready to get rid of your ancestral trauma, the Ancestral Healing online workshop is your invitation to do so. In these 2-hours, I’ll teach and safely guide you with a combination of cognitive and energetic practices, to heal and resolve ancestral fears, traumas, and limiting beliefs that stop you from following your life purpose and living a fulfilling life.

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