4 Energy Practices to Attract Your Ideal Clients
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You’ve finally decided to make a career out of your spiritual work. You’ve proceeded to set up your website, posted on social media, and put up your offerings. Now, it’s time to promote them but you realize it’s harder than it looks.

Even though people like what you’re sharing and you know your message will improve people’s lives, you can’t seem to draw in customers who are eager to pay for your goods and services.

You find yourself thinking:

  • “My ideal clients can’t seem to find me. What I’m doing or posting doesn’t get my message out and that should be the reason. I need to stand out from the crowd.”
  • “The market for healers and readers is very saturated. Many others already do what I want to do, and they do it better. Perhaps there isn’t room for me.”
  • “I continually put myself out there, but the clients I draw only want freebies. I manifest them, but I keep attracting people that undervalue my services.”

I hear you because I’ve been you. 

I got a degree in business management, took numerous online marketing courses, studied under some of the top entrepreneurs in the field, and tried out any marketing strategy that crossed my path. I was so focused on becoming a successful spiritual entrepreneur.

Sadly, my results were similar to yours.

After some trial and error and a heart-to-heart with my guides, I realized that my difficulty attracting clients was not because of the marketing tools I was using but because of a type of marketing tool I wasn’t using…

Things only started to change for me when I devised a new method of marketing my work that didn’t require any fancy design or complex algorithms: Energy Marketing


Energy Marketing is a collection of spiritual technologies, processes, and meditations that I created in order to get myself and my message out there energetically first, before sharing it through traditional marketing channels.

Using these spiritual technologies has enabled me to:

  • Successfully leave my full-time job and go self-employed in 2017
  • Sell out on my online workshops and courses
  • Attract a consistent flow of high-paying clients
  • Nurture relationships with influencers in the industry
  • Write for popular spiritual publications


These are the four steps you need to practice Energy Marketing, that I teach in my 2-hour online workshop: 

  1. Invite Clients Telepathically: Use a telepathic technique for communicating your offerings to your ideal clients before you make them public. When you reach out to people, they will instinctively recognize the value of your work.
  2. Activate Your Business’ Vibrational Magnetism: Another way is to energetically shape the energy of your business and offerings so that they “light up” for and attract your ideal audience. You’ll attract people who connect with and appreciate your work.
  3. Choose your Brightest Business Timeline: Consulting your Akashic records and going on a future-life progression to determine the most prosperous timeline for your business. This practice will assist you in attracting the right opportunities more easily and quickly.
  4. Attract Publicity Through Spiritual Transmission: This has to do with energetically reaching out to media outlets and other organizations in order to “promote” your work before approaching them in person. They’ll be more receptive to your message because they’ll be familiar with your energy.

If you’re ready to attract a consistent flow of high-paying clients and grow a successful spiritual career with practices that actually work, I’ve created the Energy Marketing workshop for you.

Click here to get instant access to the Energy Marketing online workshop to access revolutionary spiritual technologies to attract your ideal clients and manifest a thriving spiritual business.

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