Revolutionary Spiritual Technologies to Attract Your Ideal Clients & Manifest a Thriving Spiritual Business

You’ve finally found the courage to put yourself out there and make a career out of your spiritual work. You’ve set up your website, started posting on social media, put up your offerings, but when you come to promote them – crickets.  

Although people like what you’re sharing and you know your message will add value to their lives, you can’t seem to attract the ones willing to pay for your products and services.  

You find yourself thinking…

  • They just don’t seem to find me. I suppose it’s what I’m doing, or posting, that just doesn’t get my message out there. I need to find a way to stand out from the crowd.”
  • “The market for healers and readers is very saturated. There are so many others doing what I want to do, and they do it better. Maybe, there isn’t a place for me.
  • “I am consistently putting myself out there but the clients I attract just want freebies. I do the manifestation work but I keep attracting people that undercut the value of my services.” 

I hear you, because I’ve been you. 

Determined to become a successful spiritual entrepreneur, I went on to get a degree in Business Management, took countless courses on online marketing, learned from the best online entrepreneurs in the industry, and experimented with every marketing method that came my way. 

Unfortunately, my results were similar to yours. 

After trial and error and a heart-to-heart with my guides, I realised that my struggle with attracting clients had less to do with the marketing tools I was utilizing and more to do with a kind of marketing tool I wasn’t utilizing…

Things only shifted for me when I developed a new way of marketing my work that required no fancy designing or complex algorithms: Energy Marketing 


Energy Marketing is a set of spiritual technologies, processes, and meditations that I developed with the aim of getting myself and my message out there energetically first, before sharing it via the traditional marketing channels.  

You reading this right now isn’t a coincidence. I’d previously utilized these Energy Marketing methods to radiate the message of this class to the ethers, meeting people on a soul level, and inviting the ones interested to come check it out. 

Applying these spiritual technologies has allowed me to…

  • Successfully leave my full-time job and go self-employed in 2017
  • Sell out on my online workshops and courses 
  • Attract a consistent flow of high-paying clients 
  • Nurture relationships with influencers in the industry 
  • Write for popular spiritual publications

Now, for the first time I’m sharing these methods in a 90-minute online workshop entitled, Energy Marketing: Revolutionary Spiritual Technologies to Attract Your Ideal Clients & Manifest a Thriving Spiritual Business.

Inside this transformational workshop, you’ll learn how to:

– 1 –

Invite Clients Telepathically

You’ll learn a telepathic practice to communicate your offerings to your ideal clients before you put them out there. By the time you reach out to people, they’ll already instinctively know the value of your work.

– 2 –

Activate Your Business’ Vibrational Magnetism

You’ll learn how to energetically mould the energy of your business and offerings so that they “light up” for, and magnetize your ideal audience. You’ll attract the people who vibe with and truly value your work.

– 3 –

Learn a Brand-New Manifestation Process

I’ll teach you my brand-new manifestation practice (it works purely energetically) that’s unlike anything you’ve practised before. I use it before I sell anything and it always works!

– 4 –

Choose your Brightest Business Timeline

You’ll access your Akashic records and go on a future-life progression to choose the most abundant timeline for your business. This practice will help you attract the right opportunities easier and faster.  

– 5 –

Attract Publicity Through Spiritual Transmission

You’ll learn how to energetically reach out to media outlets and other organizations to “promote” your work before reaching out to them in person. They’ll already be familiar with your energy and more receptive to your message.

Enroll for just £29 ($39) now, to learn practical energetic tools, and go on powerful journeys to attract the ideal clients and manifest an abundant spiritual business.

“George has a real talent for breaking complex spiritual concepts down and providing practical tools that are easy to use in your day-to-day life.”

Rebecca Campbell

Bestselling author of Light is the New Black and Letters to a Starseed

“George Lizos is a true spiritual teacher. He comes from the heart and has ways of connecting with spirit that are as surprising as they are powerful. I truly believe you are lucky to have found him!”

Yasmin Boland

Bestselling author of Moonology

You’ll walk away from this workshop feeling…

  • Finally seen by your ideal clients! You’ll have found the missing piece to your promotional strategy and know you can consciously attract the right people.
  • Certain that you have a place in the spiritual industry because you attract the people and opportunities that value and appreciate your work.
  • Relieved, knowing that you no longer have to try yet another sleazy promotional strategy. Instead, you’ll feel empowered knowing that you can attract your ideal clients easily and effortlessly.

Enroll for just £29 ($39) now, to learn practical energetic tools, and go on powerful journeys to attract the ideal clients and manifest an abundant spiritual business.

A Personal Invitation From George…

If someone has invested in business and marketing training, it’s me! I’ve done it all.

I have a Master’s degree in Business Management from one of the top universities in the world, I’ve paid thousands of dollars in online marketing courses and mentorship, and I’ve experimented with every promotional tactic coming my way.

What these past 10+ years of experimentation have taught me, is that business and marketing strategies don’t work if your energy is off.

We pay way more attention than we should to logical, left-brain practices, and not nearly enough attention to utilizing energetic and spiritual processes to grow our spiritual businesses.

Here’s the good news for you: I’ve developed brand-new, energetic and spiritual marketing strategies that I’ve used successfully to grow my business.

I’ve prepared this special Energy Marketing workshop to teach you how to utilize them effectively to grow your spiritual business, too.

I can’t wait to see you there!

George x





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