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3 Energy Protection Mistakes to Avoid with George Lizos
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“I keep shielding my energy and I still get affected by negativity! What am I doing wrong?”

This is one of the most usual questions I get about energy protection. Is this something you’ve found yourself asking, too?

You do the work: You sage yourself, call upon Archangel Michael, put yourself in a white bubble, go out feeling high-vibe, and STILL end up getting energetically attacked.

If this has been your experience take a breath and let’s problem solve. 😮‍💨

Think of the energetic and spiritual worlds as countries you haven’t visited, yet. What do you do before you visit a country? You do your research, right?

You read a bit about the history, locate the main attractions, research how to get there and how to get around. If you’re a planning freak like me, you pre-book restaurants, learn about the local cuisine, and even learn a few basic phrases so you can order like a local.

We need to treat the energetic and spiritual worlds the same way! Just like the physical world has certain laws and rules that we need to follow, so too does the spirit world. A mistake many spiritual seekers make is jumping into energy work without first knowing the rules of the game.

In the fourth and final solo podcast episode centred around my new book Protect Your Light, I share the top 3 energy protection mistakes people make, so you can avoid them.

Click here to listen to the episode and learn the top 3 energy protection mistakes to avoid. 

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • My three-step process for energy protection
  • How your energy immune system works
  • Different energy shields to use for various situations
  • How to protect your energy online

Click here to listen to the episode and learn what mistakes to avoid making when protecting your energy. 

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