Easy Technique to Practise Telepathic Communication

Telepathic communication is one of those psychic skills spiritual teachers don’t like to talk about. The general perception about it is that it’s an advanced and complicated spiritual skill to develop, so people just avoid mentioning or teaching it. I disagree. Telepathic communication isn’t hard to practise, not if you have the right techniques and… Continue Reading

How to Forgive Yourself In 3 Steps

It’s hard for lightworkers to forgive ourselves. We’ve had a history of people rejecting, bullying, and mistreating us. We’ve fought for thousands of years to find acceptance, get out of the spiritual closet, and live our truth freely. Therefore, when we go ahead and mistreat ourselves, we feel extra guilty for it. I remember when… Continue Reading

Spiritual Doesn’t Mean Perfect

  Me: “I don’t like pigeons.” Friend: “Hmm… That probably means something.” Me: “No, it doesn’t mean anything. I just don’t like them.” Friend: “They’re probably here to teach you something…” Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want anything bad to happen to pigeons. I just don’t want them near me, pooping on me, and getting… Continue Reading