Are Unicorns Real? Here are the facts.

As I opened the map I was instantly mesmerised by the exquisite iconography of the Middle Ages. I anxiously perused the elaborate symbolism, peculiar plants, and wild animals depicted trying to take it all in, until I glimpsed the horned creature on the top right corner of the mappaemundi. My professor’s voice gradually faded into… Continue Reading

How Positive Affirmations Changed My Life

  Eleven years ago I was on the floor of my room crying, holding a bunch of pills, and ready to end my life. This was the climax of two years of self-loathing and criticising later, trying to cure myself from the disease that I thought homosexuality was. Thankfully, at my darkest hour I had… Continue Reading

How to Receive Guidance Instantly

When I start coaching a new client I usually start by asking them to tell me their top three frustrations at this point in their life. Almost always, I give them the same solution to all three frustrations because there really is a single solution to all our problems. This solution may be expressed in… Continue Reading

Are You Honouring the Divine Feminine in a Masculine Way?

  Our world is founded on patriarchy and masculinity. It all started with the fall of polytheistic religions (the belief in many gods and goddesses) and the rise of monotheism (the belief in a single masculine god), a response to society shifting away from family- and agricultural-focused life and moving towards commerce and warfare. As a result of this… Continue Reading

Archangel Michael Meditation to Feel Safe & Secure

However positive or spiritual we may try to be on a daily basis, life can get scary sometimes. We can meditate, pray, wear crystals, have salt baths, do our daily yoga, but there will be times when things go wrong. Sh*t happens, as they say! It comes with the territory of living in this physical world… Continue Reading