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Choosing love is about teaching love
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What are you going through in your life right now? What are your fears and frustrations? What kind of challenges are you facing?

Your answers to these questions and what you do with them are what determine how spiritual you are. Do you shut down your fear and pretend that all is well? Or do you embrace the fear and use it as an opportunity to grow?

As I’ve mentioned in my article How to Cry Your Way to Happiness, being spiritual has nothing to do with being in a constant state of bliss. I define spirituality as the never-ending process of choosing love over fear, in every situation. The challenging part of this equation is having the courage to make that choice and follow through with it. In other words, choosing love requires you to forgive when people hurt you, apologise when you’ve been wrong, learn from your failures, and be willing to fall in love, yet again. If you’ve been in any of these situations before, you know that choosing the loving thing to do is not always easy.

Choosing Love is About Teaching Love

In my experience, choosing love has always been about teaching love. By being a Spiritual Life Coach I am not professing to be the perfect human being, who never gets angry, feels hurtful or resentful. What I do instead, and what I urge you to do as well, is teach about the solutions that I seek to find. In a previous blog I stated that writing about your fears on paper brings them to the surface, so that you can heal and let them go. I want to expand on this idea by stating that asking about your fears on paper is an even more powerful way to resolve them.

Abraham-Hicks teach that, “When you ask, it is always given.” In this respect, when you pose a question like, “How can I forgive my parents for what they’ve put me through?” on paper, you activate the Law of Attraction; and the Universe orchestrates the perfect sequence of people, experiences, and opportunities to give you the clarity you need. Even better, when you go on to teach about what you’re going through in a blog, vlog, or speech, then you become the instrument through which the Universe can provide these answers.

Taking the risk to teach what you don’t already know by purposely putting yourself in the spotlight transforms you. Under the pressure to perform, all your doubts and insecurities melt away and you allow yourself to be the vessel through which knowledge can flow. And when that happens, you no longer ask. You simply know, and you let the answer flow through you.

What do you have to teach me?

I wouldn’t be a good life coach if I didn’t encourage you to use the processes that I teach for your own self-empowerment. So, I want to challenge you:

  1. Choose the topic you most want to learn about in your life right now.
  2. Teach me the solution to your problem by writing a blog or vlog and sharing the link with me, or simply by commenting below.

I look forward to reading/watching your posts.


  • wow, thanks for this!

    I keep circling around the subject of chronic illness and how spirituality or choosing love can give people a new outlook on their circumstances.

    I do also keep second guessing myself -how should i do this? can I ?

    Thanks for giving me new perspective on this!


    • Hi Laila. Consider for a moment that chronic illness is there for the purpose of teaching you something, so that you can go on and teach it to other people. 🙂 The very reason I’m a Life Coach right now is because of some terrible things I’ve had to go through in the past. Of course, this is by no means an encouragement to get yourself purposely ill or mistreated, but it’s an empowering way to approach any obstacle. I wish you well in your path. George x

  • Priti Singer

    This is a really good post in which i have already posed myself a question about a recent ‘break-up’ of a friendship. In your Relapse post, you mention what you have given up for your life purpose. I believe this ‘break’up’ or removal of energy so to speak has been a blessing in disguise.

    The deal breaker question that has led me to my epiphany – How can i forgive Samantha for what she has put me through? I have been provided with the answer just by asking the question. And now i know. And now i say thank you.

    All is well. x

    • Thank you for your comment, Priti. Yes, asking a questions out loud, or even mentally activates the answer. It’s just like magic! Your ego asks the question, and your Divine Self answers it. You got it. 🙂