• I know that no matter how bad I’m feeling, it can change in a heartbeat.? It may be a birdsong, a flower, a phone call,a sunrise or sunset, anything…..and my heart will lift.I have experienced this now,so many times, that the bare witness in me is always aware of it.I no longer can get lost in misery.?

    • Rhonda, what a wonderful approach to life. You are absolutely right. At any moment we have the opportunity to shift things around. The light is constantly present within us, we just have to be consciously willing to turn it on. 🙂

      Thank you for reading and commenting.


      George xx

  • Maggy

    Dear George,

    oh yes, of course I had and still have baaaaaad days from time to time. Always when a relationship crashed or I have a fight with somebody, I feel like shit. Normally I do yoga and talk to somebody who is rational enough to tell me, that my thoughts are not the reality. I draw cards to ask for help from the universe and the angels. And all together helps sooner or later to get over it.


    • Hey Maggy! Yoga is something I’m really passionate about lately, as well. Kundalini yoga especially is very powerful in shifting things around. Isn’t it wonderful how many different tools we have to make a more loving choice, at any time?

  • Lucas

    Very impressive story. It came to my mind that one of the notable aspects of it is that, as you say, “the love is always there.” When someone discovers law of attraction teachings, he/she can get the impression that love and happiness have to be produced, or somehow “built up” within oneself. That’s a mistake. One only has to tap into them. Big difference.

    You also mention the process of how babys/small children can get misaligned away from love and positive belief. That, to me, is a fascinating process. There is an incredible speech by bashar about this topic. But beware. When I listened to this for the first time, I cried the shit out of myself.