Social Media Marketing for Lightworkers w/ Katie Brockhurst


Social Media have entered our lives and they’re here to stay. We’ve become human cyborgs that are constantly attached to our devices, connecting and sharing with people from all around the world.

When used effectively and authentically, social media can be fabulous tools for lightworkers to shine their light brighter, and share their message with more people. When abused, social media can work against us…

In my interview on my Instagram Show LIT UP with Social Media Angel, Katie Brockhurst, the other day, I got to ask her all about using social media in a mindful way, with the aim of making a bigger, positive impact in the world. Although due to tech issues I couldn’t save the entire live Instagram broadcast, I got to recover the last five minutes, which happened to be the best of it!

In summary, here are Katie’s key takeaways for using social media marketing in your lightworker’s journey:

  • It’s OK to take a break from social media when you need to. The people who care will be there for you when you come back. In Katie’s experience, going away from social media when needed doesn’t negatively affect engagement. Conversely, it enhances it.
  • Rather than getting overwhelmed by being on all social media platforms, pick the one you enjoy the most and focus on it. The way you feel while using a social media platform is important, as your followers can feel your vibe.
  • To find your authentic voice on social media, talk and write as if you’re talking to a friend. You can practise video chatting with your friends to get more comfortable on camera, and gradually transition to sharing more online.
  • Your vibe attracts your tribe. The way you feel while engaging and sharing on social media will attract to you people who match that emotion. This way you can start building your spiritual community online.

The best tip that Katie shared had to do with her overarching strategy to using social media as a lightworker. It’s a 1:30 minute clip, that you can watch below:

Social Media Marketing for Lightworkers w/ Katie Brockhurst