Did You Get Your Angel Hug Today?

Did your get your angel hug today?
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I’ve never studied astrology in a significant level before, and I’ve never accepted that external circumstances could affect the course of my life in any way. Yet, I couldn’t help but notice that in the last few weeks – while Mercury was in retrograde – the energy was very intense.

Apart from my website going into self-attack mode two weeks ago, all sorts of changes have been rumbling through my life. I’m not going to pretend that I handled things in the most graceful of ways, and there were several occasions when all I could do was crawl into a fetal position on the floor and cry.

Yet, whenever something bad happens in my life or I’m going through a challenging situation, I always know that it’s an opportunity for me to grow. In the midst of all the drama and chaos, I know that eventually all will be well and I’ll end up feeling stronger and empowered.

What is Angel Hugging?

It was during an Angel Therapy session with one of my clients that the gift of my recent challenges was revealed to me. While guiding her through a meditation with her guardian angels, I witnessed them wrapping their hands around her into a tight hug, and sucking away all her worry.

In no more than ten minutes she went from feeling depressed and uncertain about her future, to feeling relieved and hopeful. After the session, she exclaimed that even before I’d mentioned what her guardian angels were doing she could feel them clearing her aura and infusing her with light.

The Benefits of Angel Hugging

Astonished by what had happened, I decided to give angel hugging a try. As I was drifting off to sleep that night I asked my two guardian angels to work their magic on me. As soon as they wrapped their hands around my body I felt a great sense of relief. All the worrisome thoughts and emotions I was feeling were yanked out of my body and were replaced by a sense of peace, the state of being I usually reach when I’m at the deepest stage of meditation.

I’ve been getting my angel hug every single night since then. In just a week, I managed to relieve myself from the stress of life’s changes, and instil in me a sense of trust that no matter how much uncertainty I face, I will always be taken care of.

Have you gotten a hug by your guardian angel before? Give it a try and tell me about your experience in the comments below.


  • Maggy

    Dear George,

    so all I have to do is to ask my angels to hug me while I’m sleeping?


    • Hi Maggy,

      Exactly! It’s as simple as that. 🙂

      Your angels are constantly by your side, and all they need to help you is a simple request. Do it tonight and let me know how it went.

      Lots of love, and thank you for reading,

      George xx

  • Maggy

    Hello George, thank you for your answer!

    I asked them for a hug the last days and think they guided me into a very deep sleep. I hope the nightmares I had weren’t send from them. Or they want to tell me something?


    • Hi Maggy. Your dreams could either be a reflection of your mental and emotional state during the day, messages from Spirit, or your subconscious mind expressing things that you suppress during the day. I feel that your nightmares are the first case – you feel fearful about something in your daily routine that is reflected as a nightmare in your dreams. The angels might have sent you these nightmares to awaken you of your fearful thoughts so that you can shift them around. How does this feel?

      George x

  • Maggy

    Hello George, yes, that could be right. There is something I am really afraid of and I try to ask for help from the angels, but I’m still in fear.
    Besides that I’m asking for the hug now every evening and the angels always guide me into sleep very soon. Still the nightmares show up every time I’m sleeping.
    Hopefully this situation will be solved soon.

    Thank you for your reponds, George.