How to Give a Book Therapy Reading

The books you read know your secrets, your fears and desires, therefore, they are the best tools you can use to receive guidance.
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Oracle cards are so in right now. Angel expert Doreen Virtue alone has published 24 oracle card decks (and there are many more in the works!), and many of the world’s spiritual leaders have created oracle decks associated to their books and message. It’s becoming more and more apparent that using oracle cards for guidance and spiritual awakening is no longer the taboo it used to be a few decades ago. Most people now understand that Tarot and other oracle decks are not at all evil, and they are not used to predict definitive future outcomes, but rather loving advice on how to overcome blocks and get on a loving path.

Using Books as Oracle Cards

I’ve been giving Tarot and oracle card readings since I was 16 years old, and I own almost a dozen card decks! In all my experience with these oracle decks and other divination systems, I eventually realized that all they really are are man-made tools that we’ve created to interpret the messages of our Angels, guides and Spirit in general. In this respect, there isn’t really something special or magical about oracle cards, we are the ones making them magical through our intention to use them as tools for spiritual communication.

With this in mind, I decided to be creative and invent new tools to communicate with Spirit. As I mentioned in my previous article on Book Therapy, books literally saved my life when I was 15 years old, and I’ve been using them for guidance and self-empowerment ever since. Thinking about my experience with books through the years, I realized that books are really very similar to oracle cards. Just like oracle card decks, each book serves, and is used for a particular purpose, and its pages hold guiding messages in the form of words, drawings and pictures.

Most importantly, books that you’ve read and loved hold your energy, and you hold theirs. If you are like me, you’ve laughed, cried, been inspired and awakened by the books you’ve read. All the Aha moments, thoughts and feelings you’ve experienced as a result of reading a particular book are literally held energetically in its pages. In other words, the books you read know your secrets, your fears and desires, and because of this – because they know you – they are the best tools you can use to receive guidance and regain your alignment to your True Self.

Giving a Book Therapy Reading

Follow these steps to give yourself a Book Therapy reading:

  1. Go to your bookcase, or where it is you keep your books, and simply face your books. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths, adjusting yourself to their energy and becoming receptive to it.
  2. When you are ready, open your eyes and state your intention. What is it you want guidance on? Do you want answers on a specific question, or are you just looking for general life guidance? Formulate your intention in a question and state it, either mentally or verbally.
  3. Following that run your eyes through each book. As you do that for a while, you’ll notice that certain books stand out from the rest. There may be something about their title, the colour of the cover or the typeface that stands out to you, or there may simply be a glow to them. Choose the one who stands out the most to you.
  4. Grab that book and hold it close to your heart, giving it a tight hug. This allows your energy to blend in with the book’s energy, and awakens all the experiences, healings, and awakenings you’ve had while reading that book.
  5. Afterwards, look at the book and re-state your question, trusting that the answer you seek lies within it. Then, close your eyes again and flick through the book’s pages. Stop when you feel guided, open your eyes and start reading. You’ve got your answer!