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How to Recognize Your Angels’ Signs


“This is total BS!”

I’d followed the instructions in the article I’d read the previous day, and went on with my day waiting for my angel sign to arrive. Nothing. Crickets.

I almost dismissed the whole angel thing, but then I remembered that I’d forgotten to follow an important piece of advice in the article. I went back to the drawing broad, asked for my sign, and then… BOOM!

There it was, laying right there in front of me. My first angel sign.

Wondering what that crucial piece of information was? Watch the video to learn all about it. 

Since then, I gradually deepened my connection with the angels and developed a process to turning those sparse angel signs into a conversation.

Specifically, this process has helped me:

  • Receive Clear Angel Messages
  • Communicate with my Guardian Angels
  • Get Angel Guidance for Major Decisions
  • Channel Messages From Other People’s Angels

In the 10 years I’ve worked with the angels and helped lightworkers communicate with them, I’ve found that the easiest way for someone to start recognizing their angels’ signs and receive clear messages from them, is to get their first angel sign.

That first sign is so important, as it builds trust and rapport with the angels and gives you the confidence to keep going. It opens the doors of communication, and allows for the relationship to develop and the messages to get more specific.

Watch the video below, try the process I teach, and then leave me a comment below telling me all about your angel sign story.

How to Recognize Your Angels’ Signs


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