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In my early twenties, I had a realization: if I truly wanted to make a meaningful impact with my spiritual work, I needed to understand how to build and manage a business. That’s when I made the decision to pursue a Master’s degree in Business Management, hoping it would equip me with the necessary tools and practices for success. 

While the training was indeed helpful and boosted my confidence in running a business, I found some aspects to be a bit lacking, particularly when it came to marketing and relationship building. Instead of learning practical marketing strategies, we mainly read about them in academic articles. And rather than discovering how to cultivate genuine connections with like-minded individuals and businesses, we were taught superficial networking techniques. 

I distinctly remember attending networking events and using pre-rehearsed opening lines, attempting a certain kind of handshake, and delivering a poorly practiced “elevator pitch” (which is essentially a brief introduction of oneself and their business idea in about 20-30 seconds). It all felt superficial and, frankly, cringeworthy. 

Leaving those events with stacks of business cards I would never use, I couldn’t help but think, “Is this what business is all about?” It was disheartening.  

Eventually, I decided to stop attending those soul-draining networking events and turned to self-help books written by other spiritual, heart-centered entrepreneurs. 

In one of those books, I came across a single sentence that completely shifted my mindset: “Networking is all about making new friends.” It was the perspective shift I had been searching for. From that point on, I approached building business relationships as an opportunity to make new friends. This approach not only relieved the pressure to perform in a certain way but also led to genuine connections and supportive friendships. 

In the latest episode of The Lit Up Lightworker Podcast, Emily Ghosh Harris and I delve into the practices and strategies for developing and running a spiritual business.  

Specifically, in this episode, you’ll learn:

  • An energy practice to craft your spiritual brand 
  • A genuine, non-salesy approach to marketing your products and services 
  • How to generate publicity for your brand and books 
  • Spiritual ways to reframe traditional business strategies 

Click here to watch the episode and learn sales, marketing, and publicity tips to develop your spiritual business.

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