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The Healing Waters Oracle Review 🌊 | Rebecca Campbell (Hay House)
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“Water is one of the great gifts of nature that ignite and support life on Earth. Water is a form of sustenance, a cleansing agent, a means of transportation, a recreational space. It’s also a sacred vessel for initiation, purification, anointing, healing, and ceremony.” Rebecca Campbell

Water has been utilized for purification and spiritual purposes by various cultures across the globe for thousands of years:

Throughout history, the Ancient Greeks immersed themselves in rivers and springs prior to engaging in healing rituals and spiritual ceremonies in order to cleanse and sanctify themselves before connecting with the divine.

In the Islamic faith, individuals cleanse their hands and face as a means of purifying their body and soul before prayer, while Christians employ baptism to purify and bless newborns and holy water to cleanse and sanctify their homes.

Similarly, the Ganges River is regarded as sacred in Indian culture, with many pilgrims immersing themselves in its waters daily to purify and rid themselves of impurities.


Rebecca’s new deck perfectly captures the magic and healing qualities of water. Each card shares a different aspect, quality, or expression of water’s energy, while the prompts and transmissions in the guidebook help activate these qualities within you.

Watch my unboxing and review of the deck to learn:

  • How to use water for healing, cleansing, and purification
  • A powerful activation to practice before using the deck
  • Using the cards as a healing tool
  • How to use the box in your readings

Click here to watch my unboxing and review of Rebecca Campbell’s The Healing Waters Oracle.Β 

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