How to Become a Fairy w/ Karen Kay


Karen Kay embodies a faery.

Leaving her career as a BBC journalist, she went on to live the ultimate faery life. She launched the first Faery Balls in the UK in 2006 – a fae celebration of vegan food, live music, magical costumes, talks and therapies – as well as FAE Magazine, a lifestyle publication featuring faery fashion, art, and wisdom. Karen is a trailblazer in the contemporary faery movement, and it was an honour to interview her as part of my Instagram Live show LIT UP.

Watch the interview below to learn…

  • What is a Fairy
  • How to Communicate with Gnomes & Different Types of Fairies
  • How to Become a Real Life Fairy
  • What Fairies Eat & How to Care for Them
  • Practical Rituals to Attract Fairies to Your House

How to Become a Fairy wç Karen Kay (The Fairy Lady)


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