The World’s Ascension Depends on You

By discovering your purpose you raise the vibration of the planet, because your purpose can only be discovered through a higher vibration.


When asked about ways of raising the consciousness of the planet in a collective way, Marina Abramovic, revered as the ‘grandmother of performance art’ and one of my favourite spiritual teachers, said the following:

“We have to try our best in our own fields. And then at one point, consciousness rises in art, it rises in science, it rises in technology… That’s the world most people really don’t know: what is the function, why they are there in the first place—I mean here, on the earth. Finding your own function, and then fulfilling that purpose, is very important. That connection will come. So I really don’t believe in a kind of revolution with a man— genius—coming and changing everything. It’s a tyrannical concept. Because one person can’t do anything. Everything is an interactive process, and everybody has his own role so that the machine can run.”

Simply, Marina Abramovic suggests that the ascension of the planet depends on you! Her declaration is a wake up call for not just lightworkers like you and me, but for all people, to discover their ‘function’ and dedicate themselves to it; for it is this personal awakening to our purpose that is responsible for creating a collective one.

Our Collective Purpose

Planet Earth is where Source consciousness expands. Our planet provides a diverse environment of beings that encourages the creation and manifestation of desires, hence, the creation of more consciousness. We’ve started off this game by living in caves and feeding on raw meat, and we’ve ended up living in megacities and feeding on haute cuisine. Desire by desire, we’ve created more of life, and as a result expanded what God is.

We could, therefore, suggest that life on Earth is God’s plan for expanding Itself.

Your Piece of the Puzzle

When I talk about God or Source I don’t just mean an invisible and invincible Source energy, I also mean you! You are part of the collective stream of consciousness that is God, and your existence on Planet Earth requires that you play your part in the game. Whether your personal life purpose is to be a loving mother, housewife, a healer, artist, an accountant, engineer, or a construction worker, it is your responsibility to discover and follow that purpose.

What does ascension have to do with it?

By discovering and following your purpose you don’t simply expand Source consciousness, you also raise the vibration of that consciousness to the vibration of love and happiness, because your purpose can only be discovered through these emotions. From this perspective, there is a correlation between the expansion of consciousness and the ascension of the planet, so that the more people discover their purpose, the more aligned they become to the vibration of love and happiness and the more they expand consciousness.

Are you fully aware and following your life purpose? What’s your number one frustration that prevents you from doing so? Let me know in the comments below.

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