Spiritual Doesn’t Mean Perfect

Photo by Ryan Holloway


Me: “I don’t like pigeons.”

Friend: “Hmm… That probably means something.”

Me: “No, it doesn’t mean anything. I just don’t like them.”

Friend: “They’re probably here to teach you something…”

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want anything bad to happen to pigeons. I just don’t want them near me, pooping on me, and getting in my way while I’m walking down the street. I don’t like their chirping, I don’t like the sound of their fluttering wings; I just don’t like them.

And this is OK. It is human. I’m spiritual, but I’m not some kind of a demi god who HAS to be perfectly in alignment with love and light 24/7.

I have an ego, just like everyone else, and I’m not going to hide it to pretend I’m this perfect spiritual teacher who loves and lights pigeons while going about his day.

Why am I going on and on about pigeons, you may ask?

Because, this silly story of mine is a reflection of how many spiritual people feel about themselves.

Haven’t you caught yourself monitoring the way you speak when you’re with other people, just in case you sound un-spiritual?

Have you ever not shared a picture of you on Instagram because you’re afraid that the cigarette or glass of wine you’re holding may not go down well with your spiritual friends?

Do you think that’s authentic…?

Didn’t think so.

You see, with all the amazing popularity that spirituality has gained over the past few years, there also came the creation of stereotypes:

Dress this way.

Hold these crystals.

Smile at everyone.

Sign every freaking email with “Blessings” or “Namaste”.

I don’t know about you, but I feel this has to stop. 


More like, now!
Before we all go around judging each other for being un-spiritual. Oh wait, we already do that…

You feel me?

I don’t care if you don’t like pigeons, if you enjoy a cigarette every now and then – I do, by the way, and I (now) have zero shame about it – or if you meditate standing up instead of sitting in a lotus position.

For me, spirituality is about being loving and keeping it real. 

Whether you express this by teaching kundalini yoga or by just being kind to a stranger on the street, it’s all good.

We’re not demi gods or goddesses. We’re not JUST spiritual; there’s a flesh-and-bone component to us. And that’s called ego. And there’s nothing wrong with ego, as long as it works in alignment with our spirit.

And if it sometimes doesn’t and we (god forbid!) let ego take over, there’s nothing wrong with that either, because we have our lovely, overcomplicated (or simplistic) spiritual tools to bring ourselves back home.

And so it is.


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