2020 Overview Tarot Reading


Approximately: $129


Make 2020 the year you follow your life purpose, fully and fearlessly! In this 60-minute intuitive tarot reading, I'll channel your spirit guides and communicate guidance to help you make the most out of the new year. This will be a structured tarot reading focussed specifically on:

  • What you need to let go of to experience more ease, happiness, and fulfilment
  • The top goals, projects, or life areas you need to focus on to move forward with your purpose
  • The inner qualities you need to develop to thrive in all areas of life
  • The specific messages and advice your spirit guides have for you, for the new year
  • A quarterly energetic review of 2020 and how you need to approach each period

This session will combine intuitive, channelled messages from your spirit guides, and practical processes, meditations, and activations, to prepare you both mentally and energetically for the new year.


"I had a reading with George to help me plan out next year. I found his work to be crystal clear and very direct - but delivered with love. We dug into each quarter and what activities would be best aligned there, but also what I would need as the person behind the business, for the expansion to feel comfortable and supported. This included cutting a long-held belief that played out in many lifetimes and was sabotaging this one. I highly recommend George's readings, and trust the wisdom he brings forward." – Seryna Myers

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