How Xena Warrior Princess Saved My Life
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Just like most 90s kids, I grew up watching Xena: Warrior Princess. Unlike most 90s kids, I still watch Xena: Warrior Princess. There is something about the energy of the legendary TV Series that fills me up with hope, passion, as well as the tenacity to push through my fears and dare to be real. Growing up as a gay boy in a very conservative country, being real was not an easy option. I was bullied at school, berated by society, and held myself captive in a prison of self-judgment and resentment. Feeling like a misfit in a society of stereotypes, I had a deep longing to break out of my self-inflicted boundaries and let my freak flag fly. In my inner turmoil, Xena was more than just a fictional character; she was my hero, an archetype for the courage that I needed to stand against my bullies, but most importantly, stand up for myself.


Archetypes are inherited patterns of thought or symbolic imagery, derived from collective consciousness. They are original personality prototypes that have always existed in stories, books, movies and our everyday relationships. The Artist, angel, hero, bully, femme fatale, healer, judge – these are just a few examples of the numerous archetypes that populate our human reality.  Although we all associate strongly with one or two archetypes, and take on a range of them through the course of our lives, we are not defined by them. When we take off our masks and see beneath our personalities, what remains is simply pure, unconditional, never-ending love.

However, on a personality level, taking on different archetypal roles is just a normal and necessary consequence of the human condition. It is our inherent trait as social beings to develop relationships with each other, and take up roles that afford us titles, labels and personalities. As a result of thinking, living, and creating through our diverse personalities and relationships, we literally expand consciousness. Our every thought, action and interaction is unique in nature, and therefore, it adds to, and expands all-that-is. Consequently, archetypes are a fundamental component to the game of life, and the expansion of universal consciousness.

Finding my Inner Warrior

While growing up, Xena and her partner-in-crime Gabrielle were perfect examples of the Hero or Warrior archetype – strong and courageous, going through an insurmountable amount of hardship and obstacles to find the wisdom they deserve –  that I required to overcome my depression and stand in my power. Although, for most, Xena’s character is the epitome of the Hero archetype, I took a particularly strong liking to Gabrielle. She was a normal-looking village girl growing up in a small and conservative community, with a passion to change the world. Unfortunately, her family didn’t understand her idiosyncrasies and she ended up feeling like an outcast… Does this remind you of someone?

Although I have only recently made the association between my love for the show and the debilitating circumstances of my reality at the time, I can now see how Xena and Gabrielle had contributed to my subsequent empowerment. Establishing such a close affinity with these two characters, along with their bravery and heroic adventures, had awakened within me the hero archetype. It was the Hero within me that chose life over death when I was at the brink of taking my own life, and it was that Hero within me that urged me to accept my uniqueness and rise from the ashes like a true phoenix, to heal, forgive, and ultimately, love myself exactly as I was. And I had two mighty warrior princesses guiding me, subconsciously, every step of the way.

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