How to Know When You’ve Taken Enough Action
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For the past three months I’ve struggled with finding a web developer. I posted three online job postings, asked friends for recommendations, interviewed a dozen people, and was still unable to find someone that I was satisfied with. Three months of grueling action-taking later, and after I had hired and fired five people, I was exhausted.

I had become obsessed with finding the right person; so much that I’d dispelled spiritual concepts I’d come to believe and teach, thinking they were irrelevant to the situation. It wasn’t until I’d reached a physical and emotional rock bottom that I could see how wrong I had been.

Following yet another failed hiring and having exhausted every ounce of motivation I had, I took the only road left to take.

I took out my journal and scribbled down weakly:

“There is nothing more I can do other than give up. This is obviously not working for a reason. I have no clue what that reason is, but I have to trust that I’ll be guided eventually. I will take no further action, but merely respond to whatever is sent to me. I will take no action. There is no further action left in me.”

Take Action and Surrender

If you’ve tried everything and failed, stop taking more action!

No matter how complicated we’re trying to make things, life works in a pretty straightforward way: Whatever you give out comes back to you.

All you need to do to manifest anything in your life, including your life purpose, is give your energy to it. Your job is to be clear on what you want, and take action towards it. Your action steps let the Universe know that you’re ready and willing to receive, allowing It to orchestrate the right circumstances for you to experience it.

However – and this is a big however – there is a thin line between taking action and trusting that the Universe will respond to it, and obsessing about when and how this will happen.

In my case, I was taking way more action than it was required, as if I was telling the Universe that I didn’t trust It to bring to me what I’d asked for, thus, sabotaging the manifestation process. Although I received clear signs that the perfect developer wasn’t ready to show up yet, I ignored the signs and tried to substitute Divine orchestration with taking action.

It’ll Manifest When You No Longer Need It

My journal declaration to stop taking more action did the trick. From that moment forward I stopped caring about my website. Buttons would disappear, and pictures would go missing, and I couldn’t care less – quite an accomplishment given my OCD-driven perfectionism!

I had reached such a blissful stage of surrender that even if my website crashed and I lost all the content, I wouldn’t care.

As it always happens, when I no longer needed the right developer I stopped resisting and sabotaging the manifestation process, and she showed up!

The moral of my story is simple:

To manifest anything, find the perfect balance between taking action and surrendering. You do that by being mindful of how taking action makes you feel. Take action for as long as it feels energizing and uplifting, and stop as soon as it starts draining you and feels like a struggle. Mastering this balance is the key to mastering manifestation!

Is it easy for you to surrender your expectations for results? How do you deal with it? Let me know in the comments below. 

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