What’s Spiritual Awakening? | Signs, Meaning, & Physical Symptoms
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“When do you think you’ll finally settle on what you believe in?” 

I was speechless that this was my aunt’s response after I’d spent fifteen minutes excitedly telling her about my latest spiritual epiphany. You see, I’d taken the spiritual awakening journey for granted and had forgotten that the majority of the world chose to live in blissful denial of spiritual truths.  

Here’s how the conversation continued:  

Me: When have you settled on your spiritual beliefs?  

Her: I’ve always been Christian.  

Me: And, how did you go about deciding to be that?  

Her: Silence.  

Me: Did you explore and compare different spiritual paths to see which one works best for you? 

Her: Silence.  

Me: I see… 

We all have our personal spiritual awakening journey that spans lifetimes. Whether we consciously trigger it or not, life will lead us to it one way or another. That being said, I believe that we can speed it up if we wanted to. 

We increasingly have access to more tools, practices, and knowledge that can help us deepen our spiritual connection, awaken our gifts, and live a more fulfilled and divinely-guided life.  

My journey began at 15 years old, and since then my spiritual beliefs have continuously evolved, and will probably still do! 

How old were you when you experienced your spiritual awakening? 

In this latest episode of The Lit Up Lightworker Podcast, I chat with Vipul Bhesania about kickstarting and navigating the spiritual awakening journey.  

Specifically, in this episode you’ll learn:  

  • Spiritual awakening signs and symptoms
  • How to find the right teacher for you
  • Ways of awakening your gifts
  • Self-care practices during a spiritual awakening

Click here to watch the episode and learn practical tools to kickstart your spiritual awakening journey

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