Unleash Your Inner Unicorn w/ Calista
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I think of Calista as the Mother of Unicorns. 🙂 Her aura and presence beam of hope, light, and positivity.

Calista and I first met at the end of 2017 and we instantly bonded over our love of unicorns. It eventually led us to working together to create our online course Elemental Detox: 5 Weeks of Transforming Your Life With the Power of Nature.

As part of the course, we taught about unicorns as being the elementals of Spirit, bridging the four physical elements of fire, water, earth, and air, to the spiritual realms. Although Calista and I teach about unicorns from different perspectives, our ideas blend together beautifully and expand the spiritual literature on unicorns.

Earlier this week I was excited to have Calista as a guest on my Lit Up Instagram Live Show, talking about her debut book with Hay House, Unicorn Rising: Live Your Truth and Unleash Your Magic. In this fun and magical interview Calista introduced us to the realm of unicorns and pegasians, and how to work with them to ascend our energy as well as the energy of the planet.

Watch the interview replay below to learn…

  • Are Unicorns Real?
  • The Unicorns’ Number One Message to Humans
  • How to Work With the Unicorns to Follow Your Dreams
  • How to Receive Etheric Unicorn Horns
  • How to Meet Your Unicorn (or Pegasus) Spirit Guide

The Spiritual Meaning of Unicorns w/ Calista

Calista’s book, Unicorn Rising is available to purchase via Hay House here.


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