Understanding Empathy: How to Control Your Empathic Abilities
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Empaths are highly sensitive people who are able to feel other people’s emotions on a deep level.

On one hand, empaths make great friends, healers, therapists, and intuitives, because they can easily connect with, and understand the people they interact with.

On the other hand, if left unmanaged our empathic abilities can turn against us as we end up taking on other people’s pain, leaving us feeling drained and depleted.

When I asked the members of my free private Facebook Group Your Spiritual Toolkit what the hardest thing about being an empath was, I received the following answers:

  • Feeling depleted after chatting to a friend
  • Getting overwhelmed in group settings
  • Suffering from agoraphobia – fear of large crowds
  • Experience mood swings, especially while interacting with people
  • Catching yourself feeling emotions and thinking thoughts that aren’t yours…
  • Feeling drained when a friend or client vents to you about their issues

Intuitive Empaths

Although not always the case, many intuitive empaths tend to be introverts, thus, they get pleasure and fulfilment by spending time in solitude, while feeling overwhelmed and out of place when in a group of people.

Being an introvert myself, I remember going to spiritual events in my early twenties, eager to meet people, make connections and find my tribe, only to end up alone in a corner overwhelmed by thoughts I didn’t think and emotions that weren’t mine.

I felt awful, as I knew how important human connection and relationships were in doing what I love and following my life purpose.

I knew I had to do something to protect myself. There had to be a way I could both, connect deeply with people and not take on their emotions.

My desire let me to a simple technique that I’ve used ever since to control my empathic abilities, and become an introverted extrovert – being able to turn my extroversion on and off at will, for events and activities that really mattered. This process allows me to control my empathy so that I am the one choosing when to connect, with whom to connect, and how deeply to connect with them.

Watch the video below for step-by-step guidance to practising this process and controlling your empathic abilities.

How to Control Your Empathic Abilities: Process for Intuitive Empaths

After you finish watching, leave me a comment below letting me know: Are you an empath? What techniques do you use to control your empathic abilities?


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