4 Steps to Turn Your Angel Signs Into a Conversation
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In my article This is Why You Don’t See The Signs I explained that the easiest way to communicate with your angels is to program the way you want to communicate with them. You do this by, literally, telling them what signs you want them to send you; therefore, creating a unique, personal system of communication.

I personally choose to communicate with my angels through number synchronicities and un-synchronicities, as well as by using Tarot or other oracle card decks. I’ve had a pretty solid communication with them in this way for at least three years now, yet in the past few months the signs have intensified to the point that they are no longer just signs – they’re a full-blown conversation!

It feels as if I’ve become so in tune to the vibration of my angels through interpreting their signs that I no longer need to consciously interpret them. As soon as I become aware of a number synchronicity I have an instant knowing of what the message is and what I need to do about it. Brief aha moments and disconnected messages have expanded into non-stop inspiration and lengthy stories – it’s as if I have a direct line of communication with my angels and they’re constantly imparting information onto me.

Pondering on this unexpected yet so very exciting occurrence I reverse-engineered the process through which I’ve reached this state, and came up with four tips to help you do the same:

  • Raise your vibration: To interpret your angels’ signs you need to raise your vibrational frequency (your emotions) to the vibrational frequency of your angels. This is what you do every time you “get into the zone” to give yourself a card reading or interpret an angel number. To turn signs into a conversation, thus establishing direct and constant communication with your angels, your vibration needs to be in alignment with your angels’ vibration for the most part of your day. In other words, you have to choose your spiritual practice and stick to it long enough, so that you raise your vibration to match that of your angels.
  • Choose a system and stick to it: Don’t be scattered in the way you communicate with your angels. Rather than using a variety of different systems of communication, choose one or two and master them. The more you practice interpreting signs through one system, the more in tune you’ll get with your angels’ vibration through those signs, and the easier it’ll be for you to turn them into a conversation.
  • Know your intuition’s language: We all receive Divine Guidance through different senses. Some people interpret sounds, visions, feelings, tastes, smells, or just have unexplainable knowings about things. Pay attention to the medium through which you receive angelic guidance and nurture it. The more aligned you become with it the easier it’ll be to master communicating through it.
  • Practice makes perfect: The more you practice interpreting your angels’ signs, and don’t allow your ego to doubt or suppress them, the more these signs will grow into a conversation. It’s all about momentum. As you give energy to something it expands. In other words, as you pay attention to the signs, do the work to interpret them, and keep raising your vibration, there’ll come a point when the momentum grows so much that signs turn into conversation, and you get to be BFFs with your angels.

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