Transient Light Tarot Deck Review | Gender-Neutral Tarot by Ari Wisner
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Are the terms ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ outdated? Are binary gender representations limiting our experience of ourselves, others, and the world? And, can tarot be equally powerful without these representations? These are the questions I found myself asking while going through and reviewing Ari Wisner’s new deck with Hay House, Transient Light Tarot.

Challenging gender stereotypes, Ari reimagined the tarot by replacing gendered cards with genderless alternatives, while exploring the concept of transience. This is a plastic-free, 81-card deck, with three additional cards – Past, Present, and Future – to signify the cyclicality and infinite expansion of life.

In Ari’s words:

“Inspired by the beauty of transience, this powerful tarot invites you to embrace the spirit of growth and celebrate our limitless collective connection. By tuning into the cards, you’ll discover your own wisdom and opportunities for healing, reflection, and authenticity.”

Watch my video review review to:

  • See the 81 cards included in the deck
  • Learn genderless ways of reading the tarot
  • Deepen your understanding of tarot with new symbols and their meanings
  • Embrace the beauty of transience in life

Watch my review of Ari Wisner’s Transient Light Tarot.

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