Use This Tool to Protect Yourself From Emotional Vampires
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Do you often feel emotionally exhausted after a long day of socializing? Have you ever walked into a room and immediately sensed people’s negative energy? That intuitive emotional sensation you get in your social interactions, although useful at times, can become detrimental when you take other people’s problems on your shoulders. There is a fine line between being compassionate and allowing others’ negativity to affect your well being. There comes a point when the people you interact with become emotional vampires that drain away your life-force energy. You might have tried and failed to control this innate self-destructive empathy you have, but it is easy to control it when you know how it works.

All living organisms as well as non-living material things are made of energy. No matter the perplexity of living organisms and all the “stuff” we have invented, it is all made out of pure life-force energy that vibrates and emanates a luminous radiation, just like a candle in the dark. This is what is usually referred to as an aura that, with regards to human beings, constantly changes and is shaped by our thoughts and emotions.

In our interaction with people, our auras mix together in a way that allows us to get glimpses of other people’s emotional situation and thought patterns. This is how you sense when a friend of yours is not feeling very well or when someone’s hiding the truth from you. It is, therefore, a very useful and empowering ability that every single one of us possesses. However, our ability to sense auras can backfire when we get dragged into other people’s problems and get affected by their negativity.

The technique that follows will guide you through a process of protecting yourself from this kind of emotional vampirism.

Psychic Shielding Technique

  1. Find a quiet place where you will not be distracted and sit in a comfortable position. Take a few minutes to quiet your mind from any thoughts or worries and take slow deep breaths that will help you release any tensions in your body.
  2. Visualize a white-energy spiraling funnel extending upwards from the top of your head. This is your crown chakra, a natural energy point through which you constantly receive life-force energy.
  3. Visualize a bright, sparkling white light coming from above and being drawn into the spiraling funnel, through your head and into your body. This white light is pure, loving, positive energy and has the ability to repel all negativity.
  4. Allow this soothing white light to fill your body and expand outwards into your aura, so that it covers you completely in a white energy ball of light. Affirm that this protective shield will stay with you for the rest of the day and protect you from all negativity.

There you go! This is a simple and effective method to imbue your aura with pure positive energy and protect yourself from any potential emotional vampires in your life. The secret behind this technique is not the white light as such but the belief that this white light will keep negativity away. Our beliefs constantly shape the way we perceive the world, therefore, directly affecting our life-experience. This method allows you to utilize your mind’s potential in a conscious, self-empowering way, so that only you can decide the way you feel in every moment of your life!


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