4 Things You Have to Do in a River
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On Tuesday the 3rd of September 2013, I went on a hike to one of Cyprus’ few, and most famous, waterfalls; Kaledonia Falls on the Troodhos mountains. ‘Rivers’ has always been my favourite topic in geography, not just because of the fascinating way through which they form and morph, but also due to their spiritual qualities. Drawing from my study of rivers through the years, and inspired from my recent river exploration, I’ve came up with the top four activities that you simply have to try in a river. These activities will help you reconnect with the spiritual energy of the water faeries – the spirits and consciousness that instill water with its healing qualities – and give you insight into your personal connection with nature and yourself.

  • Observe the flow: Observing the stream that flows downstream under the force of gravity, as it erodes the bed and banks of the river, overcomes rocks and boulders, and literally shapes and reshapes entire mountains and valleys, reveals the naturalness of power. Many of us are afraid to stand in our power in fear of coming out as rude or arrogant, yet power shouldn’t be this way. It is one of the most natural forces in the universe, and it is up to us to channel it in a healthy way. Aligning ourselves with the gentle way through which rivers exercise their power, teaches us to channel our own personal power in a gentle yet authentic manner, through which we respect other people’s opinions but express our truth without any reservations.
  • Drink water: It is no secret that flowing water in the upper-course of a river is clean, cleansed and filled with nutrients. Apart from its nutritious qualities, that water also contains all that natural power and life-force energy that propel the river’s flow. Therefore, drinking river water (in small amounts) is like consuming a magical super-potion that aligns us to our innate empowerment and infuses us with pure-positive energy. Note: Due to pollution not all rivers’ water is safe to drink, therefore, you should avoid drinking water from potentially polluted streams. A safer alternative is to splash some water on your face.
  • Walk in the water: Similarly, walking in the energized water of the river is a powerful way to release negativity, and allow your whole being to return to its natural state of unconditional love and happiness. Every piece of consciousness in the natural environment is like a portal of Source energy; it exudes pure-positive, all-loving life-force energy that has the ability to zap you out of negativity and awaken you to the reality of who you really are. Therefore, walking barefoot in the water will literally drag all fear and worry out of your body and leave you feeling vital and refreshed.
  • Explore nature: Being out in nature is a wonderful opportunity to experience the immeasurable beauty that life has to offer. It’s always a good idea to take a camera with you and take pictures of flowers, landscape formations and trees that speak to you in any way. Every single plant is unique; it holds a secret ingredient that beautifies it and sets it apart from its companions. Allow nature to divulge its secrets and let her show you the way to experience it. Feel like a child again and let your imagination roam free. Liberate your mind from the constrains of reality and come up with your own fairy-tales, speak to the flowers, lay on fresh grass, and get high on the sweet aroma of plants and herbs. Be one with nature and let her wow you with its beauty and splendour.

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