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🐶 Telepathic Communication with Animals
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When my dad passed away last year, I had to take care of his pet dog, Lulu. Although I’ve known her for years and loved her so much, I panicked.

I’d consciously hadn’t got my own dog previously because I wanted the freedom to travel without having someone depending on me. (Or, that’s what I told myself to keep my heart closed…)

Although my heart was begging me to keep her, fear got the best of me and I decided to let my cousin adopt her. Unfortunately, the sudden changes stressed Lulu out, and in a moment of panic she managed to run away from my cousin’s house searching for… my dad, me, home.

My guilt was unbearable. For three days and nights, my entire family were in the streets searching for Lulu. We put up posters and even made announcements in the local radio!

Fortunately, we found her on day three. I still remember the moment I saw her. She immediately ran to me and started licking me. She’d come home, and so had I.

Looking back on that experience now, I can see how close-hearted I’d been. I had a terrible fear of commitment, trusting others, and letting people in. It wasn’t until I fully stepped into being Lulu’s dad that I was able to let go of the fear and let myself love and be loved. 

I believe that our pets are our greatest teachers, which is why I was so excited to have Kate Yen on the podcast to chat about deepening our connection with them.

Specifically, in the episode you’ll learn:

  • Different ways of communicating with your pets
  • How to support your pets when they’re sick
  • Energy healing tips for animals
  • How to communicate with wild animals
  • Supporting your pet while they’re transitioning

Watch the episode to learn how to communicate with your pets and other animals. 

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