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When I tell people I communicate with Angels I am usually faced by stares of amusement, disbelief, and sometimes concern. The idea of Angels revealing themselves in a visual, verbal, or auditory way seems strange, even scary to some people. Paradoxically, I have to admit that if Angels appeared to me in any of the above ways I would also freak out. Big time!

And this is when you wonder, how on earth do I communicate with Angels then?

Whereas it is absolutely possible for Angels to appear in such palpable ways, their communication methods are usually more subtle. This is for two reasons: Firstly, unlike physical human beings, Angels are spiritual beings who exist in a higher dimension; therefore, they have no physical form or matter. Secondly, Angels can only express themselves in our physical plane when we give them permission to. According to the Law of Free Will, no Angel or Spiritual being can assist you unless you ask for help, and according to the Angels’ loving essence, they will never appear in a way that will scare you or make you feel uncomfortable.

Angel Signs

Conversely, Angels use your personal symbolism to communicate with you through signs. Symbolism works differently for each person, so that a red rose may signify passion to one, and pain to another. Concurrently to personal symbolism, Angels may also communicate through collective symbolism, signs whose meaning is shared amongst a larger group of people, such as numbers, shapes, popular references, as well as people’s gestures and acts of kindness. Last but not least, the most common way through which Angels communicate with you are your own thoughts and emotions.

In other words, the ways Angels – and Spirit in general – can communicate with you are endless, yet all of the above means of communication have one common denominator: Your intuition.

Intuition is your innate ability to interpret signs into information, and the only barrier between your ability to use it consciously and successfully is your ego. The ego is the part of you that will try to convince you that this article is way too woo-woo, that your gut feelings are irrational, that the angel feather you just saw is really a pigeon’s feather, and that seeing the sequence 444 repeatedly is just a matter of coincidence. Although the ego is a natural aspect of being human, seeing it as the sole constituent of your identity prevents you from experiencing your interconnected to God, the Angels, and all of life – which is what intuition allows you to do.

You are Never Alone

That’s right. You are never alone because you are always interconnected to an infinite source of love, guidance, and wisdom from God, through your Guardian Angels. The following process will help you alleviate your ego’s stronghold over you and guide you to communicate with your Guardian Angels. If you haven’t met your Guardian Angels yet then you are up for a fun, unexpected, and truly divine ride. I’m excited for you!

  1. Ask your Guardian Angels for a sign. You can do this mentally, verbally, or by writing it down on paper. In your message, ask your Guardian Angels to give you a sign in a way that you will understand. This step is very important so that you give your Angels permission to communicate with you through your personal symbolism.
  2. Be mindful for the signs. The signs will come and they will keep coming until you take notice, so don’t stress over deciphering them. Don’t be too quick to judge something as a coincidence or luck, as this is the work of your ego. Instead, be mindful of strange or potent experiences that you see, hear, or feel.
  3. Pre-determine the signs (Optional). If you are having a hard time reading your Angels signs, worry not. You can simply tell them exactly what signs you want them to send you and they will follow suit. Remember, your angels truly want to guide you, and they will work with you in any way you like or can. Simply, re-affirm your request for a sign on step one, along with the particular sign or range of signs they can use to reach you. Examples of such signs may be: white feathers, consecutive numbers, flowers, and pictures, songs, poems, or movies about Angels.

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