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Lightworker, the Universe, your angels, and your spirit guides, are constantly talking to you. The degree to which you hear them depends on the degree to which you know how to listen. 

I remember when I was a 17-year-old teenager, still in the spiritual closet and feeling so alone and misunderstood. Having no friends to share my newfound spiritual beliefs with, I found solace in the company of my spirit guides. 

Receiving daily signs from them made me feel heard and seen, and it was as a result of these signs that I was guided to follow my life purpose, and do the work that I do today. 

You see, we’re never truly alone on the path to following our life purpose. Help is always available to us in the form of universe signs and guidance, if we choose to receive them. 

How confident are you with receiving signs from the Universe and your spirit guides? Is it second nature to you, or do you struggle to receive and understand their signs? 

Wherever your level of confidence and expertise with regards to receiving the Universe’s signs, this week’s podcast interview will help you strengthen your communication with the Universe. 

Tammy Mastorberte is the bestselling author of The Universe is Talking to You. In this interview, she shares with us her proven processes to understanding and receiving the Universe’s signs. 

Watch the interview to learn how to understand and receive the Universe’s signs.

Specifically, in this interview you’ll learn:

  • Is the Universe talking to you?
  • What kind of signs do our guides send you?
  • How can you properly ask for a sign?
  • What are some practical processes you can use to open your awareness to receive the signs?
  • How to not become dependent on the signs?

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