How to Stop Caring What Others Think of You
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In the process of writing my book Be The Guru: A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming Your Own Spiritual Teacher I asked lightworkers what their biggest obstacle was with regards to following their life purpose.

One of the top answers I got was the following:

“I care too much about what others will think of me.”

The foundation of this fear lies in the very essence of being a lightworker, empath, intuitive, spiritual seeker, whatever term you want to give to the awakened souls who incarnate with the purpose of making a positive change in the world:

We are highly sensitive people, and our relationship with our sensitivity – the way we understand and deal with it – determines whether it can be our superpower or our demise.

If we don’t know how to consciously use our sensitivity to nurture our intuition and put our spiritual skills to work, it’ll end up using us. People will judge us, life will overwhelm us, and we’ll eventually end up rejecting our authenticity and settling for a “normal” life that drains our life-force and depress us.

On the other hand, when we have tools to deal with our sensitivity and use it to serve our lightworker purpose, then we no longer care other others will think of us, we don’t let life get to us, and we are naturally drawn to the path of following and fulfilling our life purpose.

How do we do that? Watch the video to find out.

In this video, I share how caring what others thought about me almost cost me my life, and share the process I used to stop doing so and be unapologetically me:

How to Stop Caring What Others Think of You

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