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Over the past two years I’ve had a weird fascination with bees. I’ve read about the way they live, watched endless YouTube videos about beekeeping, and immersed myself in the myriad benefits of honey and propolis. In fact, even the skincare products I use (Apivita) are inspired by the life of bees and contain propolis.

So, when I got the opportunity to visit the Ecophysis Bee and Nature Center and be a beekeeper for a day, I jumped on it!ย 

From a spiritual perspective, bees symbolise the hive mentality – the idea of collaborating for a common cause, and the healing benefits that come as a result. Doesn’t it remind you of our collective lightworker purpose of helping to make the world a better place?ย 

In this video you’ll learn about:ย 

  • The spiritual meaning of bees
  • The healing qualities of honey and propolis
  • The purpose of the Queen Bee in the hive
  • How to channel the bees in your spiritual path

Watch the video to learn about the spiritual meaning of bees.ย 


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