Spiritual Fusion: Creating a Customised Religion
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God is love. It is such a simple concept yet the word religion sends most people running for the hills. Throughout the course of human history religion has been at the forefront of ethnic conflict and a matter worth waging war for, dissipating from its core message of teaching pure unconditional love. Growing up in the small conservative society of Cyprus as an Orthodox Christian, I’ve always had a bitter-sweet relationship with organized religion. As a kid I was told that all other religions were wrong and people who believed and practiced Eastern modalities like meditation and yoga were being manipulated by the devil. As a result, in my early teens I decided that there had to be more to God than blindly following someone else’s rules and going to church once a week, so I decided to undertake my own spiritual research and form my own opinion about who God really is.

Enthralled by the magical world of Harry Potter and the captivating way that J.K. Rowling merged the concept of magic with unconditional love, I was hooked and I wanted to learn more. Starting with the Chinese art of Feng Shui I embarked on a journey to discover God, which essentially proved to be a journey of discovering myself. Book after book I immersed myself in the world of tarot cards, horoscopes and crystals where magical creatures like fairies and angels run the show and the world’s religions were celebrated and honoured for their uniqueness. Seven years into my spiritual path I finally feel that I’ve found the answers I set to discover all these years ago, and so much more.

Having practiced all kinds of different spiritual modalities, processes and religions I came to realize that it all comes down to one simple, yet all encompassing word: Love. Unicorns, fairies, angels, oracle cards, divination systems and all other forms of spiritual, healing and religious modalities are just different ways of expressing love and realizing that we are all connected to it. Being the elaborately specific and creative beings that we are we instinctively long to express our truth in creative ways, therefore, through the expansion of human consciousness we have invented countless ways to speak and practice the meaning of love. Feng Shui is the Chinese art of aligning your house to the vibration of love, Reiki healing involves embodying love in energy form and yoga invites you to channel love through physical action. Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and most of the world’s religions provide a map to finding love through a variety of symbols, rituals, texts and music.

If the purpose of religion is finding love, why all the drama? Most importantly, why should we conform to just one of these love-ing modalities and not mold our own hybrid form of religion? Every person is different and we all have a unique way of understanding and expressing who we are. I believe that religion is a very personal experience and we should all be free to explore, combine and recombine spiritual modalities with the aim of finding that delicate and specific way of embodying love. Coining the term spiritual fusion I aim to introduce a new, liberating way of approaching religion. Spiritual fusion is about freeing yourself from restraining religious dogma and embarking on a personal journey to carve out out your unique form of spirituality.

The only tool that you need to do that is your emotional guidance system. When you gently turn your attention to the way you feel you will realize that at any moment you have the choice of choosing love or fear. With love as your guide you will be directed to the right people, books and experiences that will help you unbind your heart and express your personal spirituality in a way that resonates with you. When we drop all the confining rules that surround religion and make it our purpose to infuse our words, actions and life with the essence of love we finally awaken to the true purpose of religion which is simply to acknowledge, give and receive love in any way we see fit.

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