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“Not again!” I grunted angrily at the oracle card I pulled for the day ahead. It was the 10th day in a row that I “randomly” pulled the same card, portraying an abstract figure of an archangel with the ambiguous ‘Spiritual Understanding’ written below it.

It was so frustrating knowing that my angels were trying to convey a message that I wasn’t able to pick up. I studied every visual and textual detail on the card trying to figure out what its meaning was, but after several faux oh-that’s-what-it-means aha! moments I was ready to give up.

And as it always happens, when I let go of my obsessive desire to demystify the card its meaning was finally revealed to me, and realised I was reading it wrongly all along.

The message wasn’t in the image, the title, or the card’s description. It was in the archangel featured on the card – Archangel Raziel.

“Archangel Raziel wants me to work with him!” I thought out loud, and finally had my aha! moment.

Archangel With Balls

It didn’t take me long into my lunch-break meditation to meet Archangel Raziel. He was bold, loud and flamboyant, but also deeply spiritual and wise – perfectly complementing his rainbow-coloured aura. Rainbow light is of the highest vibration, and is usually portrayed in magical stories of fairies, mermaids, and unicorns. It symbolizes spiritual purity and enlightenment, further expressed by the pure white light created when its seven colours combine.

Archangel Raziel knows the importance of striking a balance between learning and teaching spiritual truths. He is the Archangel that encourages us to explore the depths of spirituality, and then share them with the world unapologetically. In my meditation, he guided me to embrace my personality in all its weirdness and use it to teach spirituality in my own fun and unique way, while avoid putting myself into spiritual stereotypes.

He also stressed the importance of balancing fun and work, for the two feed off each other. Too much work and no play leave us feeling blocked, bored and rigid, while fun and play encourage imagination and creativity, which are vital in inspiring our work and helping us express it in a meaningful way to the world.

Prayer to call upon Archangel Raziel:

“Archangel Raziel, thank you for helping me embrace my true colours in all their glory and magnificence. I invite you to flow through me and teach me deep spiritual truths, while giving me the courage I need to teach them in the world in an authentic way.”

Who’s your favourite archangel, and what was your first interaction with him/her? Let me know below. 

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