Dawn & George’s Loveability Journey – Part V
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Every week Dawn Brierley and I will be sharing with your our experiences with reading Robert Holden’s new book Loveability. Join us in a loving communion of spiritual unfolding and endless amounts of love.

Dawn: Loveability helped me to fall in love

I can’t believe that the reading journey of Loveability is over. In this finale write up of both George and my perspectives on the lessons, tools and insights we’ve gained I hope with all my heart that you feel compelled to read this book, because I can honestly, hand on heart declare that Robert Holden’s Loveability changed my life!

When I began the Loveability journey I distinctly recall after reading Part 1 feeling more open to the idea of Love and Romance in my life. I felt like it was time that I began to become more open to receiving love, admiring glances from handsome men, and literally open up my heart to the possibility to real true love. I told George how I had this feeling that my Mr Right was going to get down from the tree he’d been stuck up and would finally be on his way to come and find me – soon!

After being in my previous relationship, the idea of allowing another man into my life was scary at first, but when I focused on what I desired – LOVE – the fear subsided and the excitement filled the space. However what I didn’t realise was that the following week whilst reading Part 2 of Loveability my Mr Right would in fact get down from the tree and surprise me.

Rumi loveLoveability showed me that Love is safe, Love is kind, Love is all there is. Loveability taught me how to open my heart to love perhaps not intentionally, but it healed my heart in the way my heart needed healing, and then it opened it to real true unapologetic love. Loveability helped me to fall in love without fear and it helped me to allow myself to be loved by another without fear.

I forgive myself for believing that I am unloveable ~ Robert Holden

Part 5 took me on a final journey of healing, and that journey was of understanding Forgiveness. I have always been one of those people that’s struggled with forgiveness because I had this fear that by forgiving it meant I was letting someone off the hook for how they’d wronged me. I was only partially correct and perhaps if I had meditated on forgiveness more and opened my heart to forgiveness sooner I would have discovered the truth of forgiveness sooner. I thank Robert Holden for showing me that forgiveness does mean letting someone off the hook – YOURSELF. By practicing the art of forgiveness, you let yourself off the hook and free yourself. Forgiveness dissolves the baggage of unnecessary grievances.  Grievances benefit no-one, certainly not yourself so it makes sense to let it go and let love in.

Robert suggests that we dedicate our day to love by affirming;

I dedicate today to love.

So for my personal practice I vamped it up slightly to resonate with my daily morning practice and affirm;

I dedicate today to Love and Miracles

Whilst I was reading the final part of Loveability I came across a prayer that Robert included and I thought that it was perfect for getting us to that place where love and forgiveness resides and fear, grievances, and un-forgiveness dissolves.

Dear God, I declare a day of amnesty in which I gratefully volunteer to hand in all my resentments and grievances to You. Please help me to handle well all the peace, love, happiness and success that must inevitably follow. Amen.

 Ask yourself daily;

  • How can I be more loving?
  • How can I be more romantic?
  • How can I be more compassionate?
  • How can I be kinder?

By focusing upon the service of Love, fear has no home to dwell in. Ask not what Love can do for you but what you can do for love.

I’d like to leave you with a question from Robert that you should ask yourself whenever you are in any doubt about your impact upon the world;

How can my love help to save the world?

George: It’s all about love

Reading about Robert’s adventures at Mount Athos reawakened my sweet and bitter relationship with organized religion. Being brought up in the conservative society of Cyprus the only religion I came to experience was that of Orthodox Christianity, which constitutes 78% of the entire population’s religion. Having always been interested in spirituality it wasn’t long until I was drawn into the world of Christianity. From a young age I became a regular church goer, I chanted hymns during the Easter liturgies, attended Sunday school and my RK (Religious Knowledge) professor once gave me a 103% in a test for “being an exceptional student and active participant.”

Fast forward five years later and things took an unexpected turn. Even though I believed deeply in God and the message of love I was also incredibly curious and inquisitive, and during a teenage identity crisis I started asking questions that Orthodox Christianity couldn’t give me a satisfying answer for. If love is all there is, why were religious communities hating on each other? If love is all there is, how could such a dreadful thing as hell even exist? If love is all there is what is the point of having all kinds of different religions, each one advocating authenticity? If love is all there is, why couldn’t love be enough of a religion? The questions overwhelmed me and as a result I distanced myself from Christianity and for many years I held deep resentment towards it.

Having also visited Mount Athos in my early teens, I was pleasantly surprised to experience an entirely different phase of Orthodox Christianity. Away from the toxicity of everyday life the monks had a distinguishing purity to their disposition and they seemed to be completely at ease with humanity and the world. Looking back on my days at the holy mountain and inspired by Robert’s contemplation of forgiveness in part five of Loveability, I realized that it was time for me to forgive and forget any grievances I still held towards the church and be willing to see the love that lies at its core. As Robert suggests, “grievances hurt the one who is aggrieved, just as forgiveness heals the one who forgives.”

My spiritual path has led me to believe that enlightenment can be found through all kinds of religions, and everyone should have the freedom to explore different beliefs and construct his own hybrid form of spirituality. If love is all there is, then love runs through our DNA and through the energetic grid that constitutes every single piece of consciousness on the planet. Since love is such an intrinsic aspect of who we are, it really can’t be that difficult to find it and I see no rational explanation for love being limited to only a particular form of religious perspective. In Robert’s own words, “you can’t copyright love and you can’t sell God.”

Isn’t that a powerful message? Having spent the last month and a half undergoing this lovely journey of Loveabilty with Dawn I have gotten the chance to challenge some of my most stubborn beliefs to finding and experiencing my eternal loveliness, and I feel blessed to finish this book with such an all-encompassing message for global love. Reading through Robert’s beliefs about love being the answer to all our human problems as well as the solution to the world’s problems, I am overtaken by an overwhelming feeling of euphoric peace and hope for the enthralling world that we live in. Therefore, I end this co-creative journey of loveability with the unequivocal belief that,

One day they will give in, and then
their philosophy will be love,
their politics will be love,
and their religion will be love

Love gets us all in the end.
We all of us disappear back into
love eventually.

Dawn Brierley believes in miracles and expects miracles, and is a Life Coach and CEO of Celestial Life Coaching which promotes the message of “Raise Your Standards and Make the Decision to Change your Life” whilst working with a metaphysical energy. She is an avid student of A Course in Miracles, loves Meditative Chanting, has become a lover of Yoga. She loves all books and believes in Universal Spirituality with her main practices being from Kabbalah, and Hinduism. She has just launched her Miracle Coaching Tree basic package for $60.

For more information you can find her on Facebook @ www.Facebook.com/CelestialLifeCoaching and over at her Universally Global website @ www.CelestialLifeCoaching.wordpress.com

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