Dawn & George’s Loveability Journey – Part I
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Every week Dawn Brierley and myself will be sharing with your our experiences with reading Robert Holden‘s new book Loveability. Join us in a loving communion of spiritual unfolding and endless amounts of love.

Dawn: Opening up to love

Dear Love Within,

I have just finished reading Part 1 (of Loveability by Robert Holden PH.D, Published by Hay House) in the holiest place in my life –  the bath tub, which in itself is rather lovely because taking a soak is the one way in which I show love to myself, it’s where I simply am All that I AM – flaws an’ all!

As I read the words from chapter 5: Live your Love my whole being screamed an almighty “YES!” that when heard by the Universe must have sounded cosmically orgasmic! Reading Robert’s declaration that upon his initial reading of my Go-To-Text, ‘A Course in Miracles’ he rarely got to the end of a page without wondering what on earth he had just read, (ACIM can leave you feeling confused if it’s purely digested with the mind) I resonated with his truth in saying that ACIM had a habit of disengaging the intellect (causing the confusion).

Don’t you just love that disengaging process? All seems calms, perfect, whole and complete. The distinct lack of mindless egoist chatter makes for a healthier mine that can finally love – Love on life, Love on Self, Love on God and Love on YOU. Blissful Perfection!

My own journey of pressing that ‘mute’ button has developed to a stage that I now know that my Go-To-Tools are easily accessible wherever I am –  be it in a queue purchasing those must have heels, latest coral weave handbag or even sat at my desk studying financial planning tools and goal setting schedules with clients! My disengaging process begins with the mental practice of Bhakti Yoga (Something Robert discusses briefly in Loveability), whereby I chant devotional mantras to the Universal – God – Presence. I chant the Ganesha Mantra, Lakshmi Mantra and even the more simplistic Om~Chanting.

“Chanting is the key to opening the door of Love” ~ Dawn Brierley

Robert speaks of his first spiritual teacher Avanti Kumar who led him to his journey to India, Buddhist Monks and then to forming a lifelong LOVE friendship with Tom Carpenter. My soul smiled as I read about his journey. His ability to love and allow love into his life meant that he allowed his eternal loveliness to be accessible by all these people. He was far from ever ‘truly’ alone on his journey.

So love within, I am making wonderful progress on my journey, I even feel my heart opening to love once more and I feel the closeness of my Twin Flame drawing nearer as the hours pass by. I can relate to Robert’s journey as right now I take this ‘Loveability Journey’, I may not be trekking across India, but I am on a journey of Loveability with a dear Soul Brother & Friend; George,  the “G” to my “D” (making us ”The D&G of Spirituality”, so I know that I am not alone. I am safe, I am love, I am home and I am my Self.

In the words of A Course in Miracles;

Identify with Love, and you are Safe. Identify with Love, and you are Home. Identify with Love, and find your Self.

Namaste, Dawn xXx

George: Rediscovering the meaning of love

As any spiritual junkie would know most metaphysical and spiritual books dwell on the concept of love. The very purpose of spirituality is to help us awaken to our inherent connection to God, Source, Spirit or any name that you wish to give to the pure-positive, all-loving, infinite intelligence that flows through every single piece of consciousness in our universe. In other words, all kinds of spiritual concepts and modalities are alternative ways of attuning ourselves to who we really are: Love.  With this in mind I expected that Robert Holden’s Loveability would be exactly what its description said; A meditation of Love. Another account of a concept that, despite the power it held was starting to become a New Age catch phrase that no longer enthused or challenged me in any way. However, I was up for a pleasant surprise.

Settling in for my daily reading session at Starbucks I perfunctorily turned to the first chapter and begun reading. Sentence after sentence I found myself becoming absorbed in the pages and allowed the energy of love that seemed to be literally exuding from the pages to envelop me and fill me up with ecstasy. Even though the anecdotes were simple and the concepts were familiar, there was something about the way things were conveyed that made everything seem more magical. Robert Holden’s unique clarity and affable simplicity of his prose manages to successfully meld spiritual concepts with down-to-earth humour and life experiences that everyone can relate to.

A particular example Robert uses to explain our loving ontology is that of babies. Have you ever seen a depressed baby? Have you ever witnessed a baby holding a grudge against another human being? Everything about little babies is pure and loving, in fact no matter any physical abnormalities or characteristics, all babies pretty much look the same. In Robert’s own words, “when you really pay attention to babies, you notice that their bodies are still in soft focus. They are barely physical. Their soul dances lightly across the body. They are pure energy. They are a vibration of love.” This simple yet powerful example unfolds everything there is to know about love.

When you come to realize that we all used to be loving little babies; pure, positive and unconditionally loving, then you are enlightened to the truth of who you really are and all the masks, pretences, resentment and petty human concerns fall into the shadows. This subtle shift in perception was powerful enough to catapult me into enlightenment once again and shock me out of nonchalance, rekindling my passion for spirituality and my diligence towards finding authenticity in a world of illusion. It’s needless to say that I read the whole of part one in one sitting, and the only resistance I had in finishing the book in a day was the pact I’ve made with Dawn to read a part of it every week.

Dawn Brierley believes in miracles and expects miracles, and is a Life Coach and CEO of Celestial Life Coaching which promotes the message of “Raise Your Standards and Make the Decision to Change your Life” whilst working with a metaphysical energy. She is an avid student of A Course in Miracles, loves Meditative Chanting, has become a lover of Yoga. She loves all books and believes in Universal Spirituality with her main practices being from Kabbalah, and Hinduism. She has just launched her Miracle Coaching Tree basic package for $60.

For more information you can find her on Facebook @ www.Facebook.com/CelestialLifeCoaching and over at her Universally Global website @ www.CelestialLifeCoaching.wordpress.com

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