3 Steps to Reclaim Your Worthiness of Love
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I am worthy of love simply because I exist.

As simplistic as this affirmation may sound it holds a great deal of truth and empowerment. A feeling of unworthiness, insecurity or fear in matters of love is deeply rooted in the duality of our human existence; the distinction between our ego and our God-self. Caught up in the physicality of our world, in our material possessions and human relationships, there comes an inevitable point in our life when we wither away from the intrinsic knowledge of our true nature: The pure-positive, all-loving physical extensions of Source Energy (God) that we are.

When we re-awaken ourselves to the truth of our Godly existence, to the understanding that we are part of Source, we come to realize that we are made of love. In fact, we are the personifications of love who came into this physical time-space reality to both give and receive unconditional love. Deep down at the basis of our inner being, every single person of this planet knows this to be true. It’s not a coincidence that the majority of our songs, movies and books are based on the foundation of love, and it’s not a coincidence that we are all searching for that perfect mate to share our life together. Love is deeply embedded in the core of our being because we consciously or subconsciously know it to be our true identity.

Why are so many people struggling to find love? What is it that hinders the natural flow of love in our lives? I’ve came to experience that it always has to do with a feeling of unworthiness. Representing the opposite of who we are, unworthiness blocks the constant supply of well-being and prevents us from enjoying the loving life we desire.  It clumps our understanding of our connection to Source, clouding our consciousness in ways that cause us to sabotage ourselves with thoughts and beliefs that obstruct our knowing of worthiness and empowerment. The belief in our unworthiness is then responded by the Law of Attraction, which makes sure to provide us with people and experiences that prove us right.

A feeling of unworthiness usually arises when:

  • You judge your physical appearance, traits and personality under the pretext of constructive criticism. Every single form of criticism towards yourself always means that you doubt your connection with Source, therefore, your power to thrive under any circumstances and conditions.
  • You pay attention to other people’s opinions about you. We’ve all been scolded by our parents and teachers, bullied or criticized at some point in our life. Sometimes, many of the comments we’ve received have infiltrated our consciousness to the extent that we now accept them to be true, and they act as barriers to our deserving of love.
  • We get emotionally hurt from past relationships.  The ending of a romantic relationship is usually the most poignant way of boosting our feelings of unworthiness. Investing time and emotion towards another person always comes with certain expectations. When these expectations are not met we start blaming ourselves or the other person for the circumstances, so that we dissipate from our knowledge and power to create a loving relationship.

In reality, none of the ‘shadow’ aspects of yourself have any truth to them, for you are a unique human being with beautiful ‘imperfections’ that help you stand out from everyone else, therefore, acting as the key to your success. Things other people said were wrong about you in the past have nothing to do with you, but represent their own fears and insecurities that they projected on you in their attempt to boost their own self-esteem. When it comes to your past ‘failed’ relationships, they haven’t failed at all. Your ex-mate came into your life at the perfect time for you to learn something that will help you grow and mature, and he/she left at the perfect time so that you can both move on to a better relationship that represents the new person you have both become as a result.

In my own attempt to deal with issues of unworthiness I discovered a powerful process that allowed me to deal with all the baggage of my past and awaken to the love I know I deserve. The following three steps will guide you into successfully casting away the ghosts of your past so that you can stand in your worthiness and attract the love you desire:

  1. Get a piece of paper and write down the following: I am worthy of love because… and fill in the page with positive statements about yourself. The aim of this is to get you to appreciate who you are, embrace your uniqueness and gradually build your self-esteem so that you can re-discover your innate worthiness.
  2. Face yourself in the mirror and repeat each statement twice. Don’t just casually read each affirmation, but try to feel what you are saying and embody the meaning of it. Even though a bit uncomfortable at first, stating something about you in the mirror is a very powerful action. The mirror will reflect back to you all the excuses you’ve been using to prevent yourself from finding love, so that you can easily reprogram your mind with new and uplifting beliefs that nurture your worthiness.
  3. Repeat the second step every day for 5-10 minutes. When a limiting belief comes up, acknowledge it and let it go by affirming what you now know to be true about yourself. Repeat this exercise for 30 days and you will be deprogramming your mind from all the berating beliefs that are preventing you from attracting the love you are worth having.

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