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What will be your theme for 2023?  

Every January, I choose one word that I want to embody in the new year. I think of it as an all-encompassing intention and the baseline energy that I want to cultivate in the new year.  

In 2022, my word was integration. I wanted to integrate all sides of me, and not solely focus on one life area. As a result, I finished a Masters in Psychology, got into Drama School, spent more time making ceramics, published Protect Your Light, and spent an entire month practising my Spanish in Spain.  

I’ll call this a mission accomplished!  

In 2023, my word of the year will be blossom. 🌸. Having integrated my various interests in my life, it’s time to let them grow and bloom.  

What will your word of the year be?  

If you’re not 100% sure yet, I have something that can help. If there’s anything that will help you get to the heart of your desires, it’s self-love.  

I define self-love as the realization that you’re made out of love, and the practices you take to embody that.  

Now, self-love is not just about taking bubble baths and buying yourself flowers (although, these are excellent ideas! Need to place my monthly roses order). Self-love is about making self-loving choices in all areas of your life, which is often easier said than done. Right?  

In this week’s episode of The Lit Up Lightworker Podcast, I talk with Rosie Acosta, the author of You Are Radically Loved. In the episode, Rosie and I talk about the heart of self-love and share powerful practices that you can use to love every part of you, and your life.  

Specifically, in this episode you’ll learn:  

  • How to follow your path even if your family doesn’t agree with you
  • How to anchor yourself in times of uncertainty
  • How to feel your emotions without getting trapped in them
  • The surprising benefits of yoga and meditation in healing trauma

Click here to watch the episode and learn self-love activities, exercises, and journal prompts to start 2023 on a high note!

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