3 Tools to Overcome Procrastination (and a big Aha! Moment)
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The most common excuse people give me for not following their Life Purpose is that they don’t have enough time. My response is always the same: To have time you have to make time.

You Can Make Time

Ever since I was at school my schedule was overbooked, and purposely so. During my last year of high school I studied for four A-level subjects, took classical singing, guitar, and dance classes, was involved in my school’s theatre and musical theatre productions, and had an active social life. At present, aside from having a full-time job, I spend my nights writing an online course on Instant Manifestation, running my own business, reading one book a week, learning Spanish, attending Toastmasters meetings, and (believe it or not) still manage to have a healthy social life.

Please, know that I’m not telling you all these to brag about how productive I am, or how much I manage to accomplish. My aim is simply to let you know that you do have the time to invest in your Life Purpose, when you are willing to make time for it. If I did it, then you can do it too.

3 Tools to Take Action Now

Fortunately, there are hundreds of practical tools that you can use to overcome procrastination and start taking action now. Following are the three most powerful tools that I use to do so:

  1. Schedule it: As humans we are wired to be consistent in our decisions and commitments. Therefore, when you schedule time to work on your goals in your calendar, you are intrinsically bound to stay true to that commitment. The act of scheduling something down personifies it, so that, in the same way you won’t stand a date up, you are inclined to not stand you calendar entry up either!
  2. Break it down to segments: When you first embark on a new adventure you are inundated with the endless amount of work you need to put in, in order to succeed. A simple way to overcome overwhelm is to break your purpose down to small, daily tasks, and take one step every single day.
  3. Get out of the house: Your house is a place you associate with laying back, having a good time with friends, and unwinding after a busy day, hence your house’s energetic identity encourages procrastination. I’ve found that getting out of the house and working in a café, restaurant or library lets my body know that I’m in work-mode, and boosts my productivity immensely.

Your Big Aha! Moment

Whereas the above practical tools are extremely helpful in overcoming procrastination, the biggest Aha moment I’ve had, which smothered any glimpse of procrastination left in me, was realising that,

It is not my Life Purpose; it is God’s purpose being expressed through me.

You are, literally, a physical expression of God with the aim of teaching the message of love through your unique blend of skills, talents, and abilities. Who are you to stand in the way of God’s purpose?

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