Overcome Generational Differences and Stereotypes
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How much of who you are is truly yours 

In other words, how many of your beliefs, jobs, interests, choices, lifestyle, and even personality, are truly an authentic expression of your soul? 

Your immediate answer to this question will probably be, “I’m 100% me!” But, don’t be too quick to say this… 

Here’s why:  

We live in systems.  

Family systems.  

Ancestral systems. 

Generational systems.  

Past-life systems.  

Our existence within these systems automatically affords us a set number of characteristics, beliefs, and lifestyle choices, that we haven’t consciously chosen. Instead, we were born or conditioned into them.  

A big part of the healing journey is to identify and break away from these stereotypes, so we can progressively be more aligned with our authentic soul expression.  

(By the way, I have an on-demand Ancestral Healing workshop during which you can heal ancestral wounds and conditioning. Check it out here) 

In this week’s episode of The Lit Up Lightworker Podcast, I chat with Tia Johnson about generational systems and stereotypes and how to fully release them.

Generational stereotypes inform the way we think, dress, and express ourselves. They influence what we choose to study, the kind of jobs we do, and the way we relate to others in the world.  

I first realized how much I was limited by generational stereotypes when my dad passed away a couple of years ago. Within a year of his passing, I changed the way I dress, dyed my hair blonde, and got two piercings! 🤣 I hadn’t realized the control my dad had on me until he was no longer in the picture.  

In that moment, I was awakened to many of the other generational stereotypes I was subjected to and consciously worked to release them.

Specifically, in this episode you’ll learn:

  • A process of identifying your generational stereotypes
  • How to heal outdated generational beliefs and be yourself
  • Ways of dealing with other people’s resistance to your choices
  • How to create boundaries that protect and honour your authenticity

Click here to watch the episode to release the generational stereotypes and beliefs that prevent you from being your authentic self.

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