It’s Not Hogwarts, But it Comes Close
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Although I haven’t written about, or discussed the subject of witchcraft in my blog before, it has played an important role in my spiritual journey, and my life in general. In fact, my interest in witchcraft was what got me into spirituality in the first place.

And Harry Potter was behind it all!

Being a fan of the infamous book series in my mid-teens, I was inspired by JK Rowling’s ability to merge magic and love in such a beautiful way. At the time, I was at a point in my life where I desperately needed a magic spell to drag me out of the vicious circle of resentment, rejection and victimization that I held myself into, and defined most of my childhood. Losing myself into the elusive world of Harry Potter, gave me a sense of hope and possibility for the better life I so longed for.

Setting out to discover my own Hogwarts, I stumbled upon Wicca – the modern-time religion of witches. Devouring books on traditional witchcraft, the Wiccan faith, and even hybrid faiths like Christian Wicca, I was soon drawn into the world of magic wands, spells, enchantments and potions. In my quest to gather up ingredients, learn incantations, research spells, and even come up with my own spells, my fears and insecurities faded away, and were replaced by a growing sense of empowerment.  In time, I was transformed from a shy, doubtful, introverted muggle, into a fearless wizard that would no longer tolerate victimization, and was ready to take conscious control of his life.

Work your Magic

Hollywood misinterpretations and misconceptions on witches and witchcraft have, unfortunately, distorted its meaning and purpose. Although I rarely practice it anymore, I still regard witchcraft as a powerful form of spirituality that can teach valuable lessons to people of all faiths and religions. The following three concepts form a fundamental basis to the practice of witchcraft, yet you needed be a witch to practice them. I’m a firm believer in religious hybridity, therefore, designing our own sacred way of honouring God, by choosing elements and processes that resonate with us, from a variety of religions.

Incorporating these processes to your daily spiritual practice will elevate it to a higher vibrational frequency, giving you a fast track ticket to spiritual growth – just like magic!

Nature walks: The first and foremost teaching to any form of witchcraft is one of oneness and interconnectedness. As pagans, witches revere nature as a pure and fundamental source of God’s love and light. They respect and honour nature, seeing it as the epitome of Spirit’s expression in physical form, striving to mirror this purity in their personal lives, and the manmade world in general.Taking frequent nature walks is a simple way of melding our energy with that of nature, and instantly attuning ourselves to the energetic web of consciousness that we are all part of. When we insert ourselves in a natural environment, the pure-positive energy of plants, trees, and flowers cleanses us of negativity, giving us a sense of euphoria and oneness with all life.

Practical Manifestation: Witchcraft is a practical way of using the Law of Attraction for conscious manifestation. What differentiates it from other manifestation processes, is the range of tools, elements, movements, and incantations incorporated in the attraction process. In the same way that positive affirmations, visualization, and meditation techniques help us deliberately attract something into our lives, witchcraft provides us with a more tangible way of doing so. The element of physicality in the use of tools and symbols, instead of affirmations and visualizations, give manifestation a more hand-on, and therefore, realistic appeal. To incorporate witchcraft in your manifestation process, collect symbols and elements that best represent your particular desire, and use your imagination to orchestrate a series of movements, chants, and prayers to cast your spell.

Prituals: Through the construction of elaborate altars, and the performance of riveting rituals, witches take praying to a whole new level –  to create what I like to call a pritual (prayer + ritual = pritual).  By amalgamating tools, symbols, pictures, statues, or anything else that inspires our connection to God, to form an altar, we create a space for us to pray, and rekindle our connection to our Higher Self. Having a daily pritual of lighting a candle on our altar, and spending some time in contemplation and prayer, is a powerful way of sustaining our alignment to the Love that defines who we really are. The ambiance of the candle wraps the altar in an aura of light, to create sacred space. This helps transcend our consciousness into a state of trance, making us receptive to spiritual guidance.

In the following video, Spirit Junkie and best-selling author Gabrielle Bernstein guides us through her own altar,  giving us tips and tricks to make it personal, and incorporate it in our spiritual practice.


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