One Thing I Know for Certain: This is My Life Purpose
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Hi, I'm George!

You have a purpose that can help change the world, and I'm here to help you find and follow it. 

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A snapshot of my life at the present moment: Having finished my Masters degree in Management I decided I will pursue the London life. I came back from Cyprus on the 3rd of September and had 20 days to move out of my current house, hunt for a new one, and get a job. I am now five days away from my deadline and I have yet to find a house or a job.

My life is uncertain.

Finding Certainty in the Uncertainty

Yet, for some inexplicably irritating reason I know that, eventually, all will be well; and despite my control-freakiness trying to get the best of me, I’ve had to learn how to find certainty in the uncertainty. How did I manage to do that?

For starters, time after time God and the angels have shown me that when I surrender my need to control my desires, they will step in and take care of things. They reminded me that I am, literally, an extension of them and so I have access to all their power and grace. All I have to do to leverage this power simply soften my humanity just a little bit, and allow my Godliness – their Divine guidance – to flow through and lead me to the right path.

Secondly, I’ve learned how to find certainty in uncertain situations by shifting my attention to what actually is certain in my life – my authenticity. In other words, I choose to focus my attention on who I am, what I know, and what I am passionate about. Rather than hide behind airy-fairy affirmations and spiritual jargon, I choose to be honest with myself and with you and share my dreams, desires, obstacles and failures. Being unapologetically authentic feels good, and it feels certain, simply because it’s real!

I am Here to Serve YOU

What is blaringly real, and therefore, certain for me is my love for spirituality and the interaction I’ve had with you these past three years on ‘Metaphysical Me,’ and this is all the certainty I need to feel whole and complete. It is in this air of certain uncertainty that I choose to share with you my new website. Evolving to, I’ve fashioned this website as, not just a medium for continuing our spiritual journey together, but as an interactive portal to help you find and thrive on your Life Purpose – the specific mission that you came here to accomplish, that’s crafted after your unique talents and abilities.

In the past few months, I’ve come to realize that helping you find your Life Purpose is my Life Purpose, and I’ve designed this website to serve you. Here’s what you should expect from me in this new beginning:

  • A new article every week
  • Guided Meditations
  • Online Courses
  • Books and Ebooks
  • Book Reviews
  • Interviews with spiritual authors

All aimed at providing you with tools and guidance to move fearlessly towards your Life Purpose.

To make the most out of the new website, I strongly suggest that you sign up to my weekly newsletter where I will share exclusive information that will not be posted anywhere else. Most importantly, to help you get started on your Life Purpose, I created a simple three-step formula that will help you discover exactly what your mission here on Earth is, so make sure to get your free copy here.

Cheers to new beginnings, and cheers to you!

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