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Since the first photograph was taken in 1826, until this present day, photographs played a chief role in the world. We use them in documenting historical events, creating art, admiring exotic places and keeping track of nature’s wonders. But most importantly we use photos to keep personal memories alive.  Simply, a world without photographs would have been extremely brusque and colourless. I always kept wondering, why do we have the need to keep our memories alive?  More importantly, how can we use photographs to improve our lives and attain our goals?

The answer to the latter question is rooted in every person’s consciousness and is simpler than you may think. Photographs allow us to keep past experiences alive, exceptional times of our lives when we were feeling fabulous, having a great time, shared extraordinary feelings or traveled to fascinating places. What a wonderful way this is to uplift one’s self when feeling blue. We can therefore apprehend that our inner need for happiness and fulfillment has, therefore, driven our intensive use of photographic imagery. The law of attraction states that the more attention you give to something, the more of it you attract into your life. With that in mind, documenting positive aspects of your life is a fun and innovative way to improve your life experience. Simply, gazing at photos and replaying that beautiful journey, wild partying or amazing kiss in your mind, you’re not only stirring up positive emotions but you are also attracting in your life more of those experiences.

Taking the Law of attraction’s teachings and combining them with the use of photographs can provide you with a whole new spectrum of ways you can use photos as a tool in improving your life. Goal attainment for a fact becomes a more enjoyable process when photos are involved. Take some time and create a collage with photos related to your life-long aspirations. This will help you form a clear image in your mind of what you want to achieve and will keep you focused. More importantly, the more time and attention you spend in the creative process and the time you spend enjoying what you’ve created, will ensure that you’ll attract it into your life faster than you expected.

More exhilaratingly, you can use photographs to build your persona and create an entire new You. You can be the glamorous, chic person you see on TV; you just need to put some creative effort in it. Using photos of TV characters, actors, singers, simply anyone you admire, or even cutting photos from magazines with your dream house or the perfect car you always wanted and getting them all together in the form of a poster will enable you to mold your persona, express your inner-diva and the law of attraction will get you closer to that persona day by day.

Photographs can be an ingenious tool for success and there are countless ways to use them to ignite your inner sense of creation and create your life in a conscious and enjoyable way. Get those photos out and let the fun begin!

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