Mermaid Seashell Meditation
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Whenever I go to the beach I spend at least an hour of walking along the beach and collecting seashells, and while in the sea I always go snorkeling and keep with me a small plastic jar in case I find something interesting on the sea floor. Over the years, I’ve collected so many seashells that I now use them for decoration all around the house. As you can see in the picture below, this is part of my collection – tiny little seashells flanking a Fairy-Unicorn figurine I bought from Visby, Sweden last summer. I find that, bringing little pieces of nature into my house is a simple way to infuse my hectic city life with a touch of nature’s pure-positive energy, while at the same time reminding myself of all the fun I’ve had collecting them.

As I was strolling along the beach yesterday hunting for a cockleshell here and there, the  mermaids had downloaded to me a new way of perceiving my hobby that gave beach-walking a whole new meaning. I came to realize that, while wandering playfully along the beach, my eyes darting for tiny little seashells through the rushing of the breaking waves and hundreds of pebbles, I somehow found that perfect state of focused stillness that I strive to achieve during meditation. If you are new to meditation, it is the simple act of quieting your mind from all thought so that you can allow your emotions to return to their original state of pure-positive, all-loving ecstasy. Being thinking-oriented creatures, pure stillness is not the easiest state to achieve, therefore, most meditation techniques suggest that we find something insignificant to think about in order to destruct other more complicated thought patterns.

Looking for seashells proved to be the perfect way to still my mind for my entire fifteen minute walk. Being close to the beach also provided an extra layer of upliftment, since the calming sounds, smells and textures of sand, water and pebbles all around me induced a vortex of high-vibrating emotions, that uplifted my spirit and strengthened the healing effects of my walking meditation.

Being given this new level of understanding with regards to the simple act of walking along the beach has further awakened me to the healing qualities of nature. Surprisingly, all that it took for me to receive this knowledge was the simple desire to learn more about nature and all the ways we can cultivate a closer and more intimate relationship with it. Therefore, it is my unequivocal belief that we all have an inherent ability to sooth ourselves into the messages of nature so that we can receive specific and accurate guidance for living an empowering life.


Part of my seashell collection

Tips for Seashell Meditation

Keep your eyes focused on the sand/pebbles and avoid being distracted by people swimming or sunbathing. If it helps, choose to walk along a quiet beach where you can more entirely devote yourself to the meditation.

Be mindful of the present moment. Sense the texture of the sand as you walk along the beach and notice how your feet sink into the muddy sand. Smell the salty breeze flaring up your nostrils and feel the warmth of the sun on your skin. Experience the meditation with all your senses, and allow these high-vibrational qualities of the beach to sooth you into a state of oneness.

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