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Intuition is something we’re all born with. 

Yes, like most things in life some people are more naturally talented at it, but talent isn’t everything. 

I believe that consistent work will always beat talent. Thus, if you’re not particularly talented at giving intuitive readings but you put in the work, you’ll eventually perform better than someone who was born talented but didn’t put in the work. 

I say this so bluntly because I’m a living example of it. I was not the kind of psychic that grew up seeing and talking with spirits. In fact, when I first started out developing my intuition I wasn’t particularly gifted at it….

Instead, I had a deep passion for it, and I put in the work. I read books, attended training, experimented with processes, and practised, practised, and practised some more. Today, I’m confident in my intuitive abilities and I give clear and accurate readings without using cards or other tools. 

I’m telling you this to let you know that, no matter your level of talent with regards to giving intuitive readings, you have what it takes to master it and become one of the best in the industry!

In this week’s YouTube video, I share with you a 15-minute guided meditation to help you strengthen your intuition. In this meditation, you’ll get to clear and activate your third eye chakra, which will give you an instant psychic boost. 

Watch the video and do the meditation to activate and strengthen your intuition

Also, if you’re serious about mastering your intuition be sure to download my free Intuition Mastery Accelerator Guide. You’ll learn three mindset shifts to unleash your intuitive genius. Download it here. 

Watch the entire meditation training series:

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